Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Analysis

Laura asks…

which brand is better???? (dog food)?

From everyone who has experienced these two dog food brands for themselves, which do you prefer?

Wellness -or- Nutro Natural choice

i tried innova and they did very bad on that.they are currently on pediagree but im tired of feeding them crap.

Jimmy answers:

Wellness, for the most part. I hate the ‘dog food analysis’ site, so this is based on INGREDIENTS.

But, I will say, that it all comes fown to what your dog can tolerate. I have a close friend whose dog can’t tolerate anything BUT nutro! The good ingredients of Wellness don’t matter to this poor mutt. He vomits and diarrheas out everyting but nutro.

If Innova was too strong, Natural Balance is another choice that may be more suitable. The lower protein content is much easier on many dogs.


Chris asks…

Is naturediet dog food good?

Out of 10, how much would you rate this dog food?


Main Flavour:
Main flavour(s): Fish

Min % Incl. Main Flavour(s):
Minimum content of main flavour: 60%

Daily Feeding Guide:
Small Breeds 5-12kg: 200-590gm Medium Breeds 12-25kg: 590gm-1000gm Large Breeds 25-45kg: 1000-1530gm Giant Breeds 45-70kg: 1530-2340gm. Please always ensure that fresh drinking water is available.

Fish (Min. 60%), Potato, Brown Rice, Vegetables, Natural Ground Bone, Kelp, Herbs (Rosemary and Rubbed Sage), Omega 3 and 6 (Flax, Fish Oil and Meat), Vitamins and Minerals, Vitamin A 1250iu/kg, Vitamin D3 150iu/kg, Vitamin E 20mg/kg.

Typical Analysis:
Moisture 77%, Protein 10%, Oils and Fats 4%, Fibre 1%, Ash 2.5%.

Jimmy answers:

Yep, I like it. Depends on the dog though really.
My 14yr old mongrel has been having a hard time over the last year with not being able to keep food down. She would be fine for a few weeks, then throw up for a few, then be fine again etc…Turns out with her age she was finding it hard to digest certain ingrediants in dry biscuits and certain tins. Shes also had issues with her weight before so we didnt want her to start putting it on again – she has been on Nature Diet trays for around 6 months and no more puking, no more “ill days” and back to her active self. I’d say if it works for your dog, stick to it. I like it (not for me, obviously, for her!!)

Thomas asks…

Feeding adult dog food to a puppy?

People have said “Giant” dog breeds should be fed adult dog food even as a puppy, is this true? And at what age?
@ Newfie someone in my family got a Saint Bernard and they had told me that and i didn’t think that was right (never had a giant breed).

Jimmy answers:

I have giant breed dogs and they have only ever eaten adult food. Even at 5 weeks old, my breeder starts feeding gruel to the pups, she uses adult kibble to make the gruel. Puppy food is typically formulated for fast growth, with giant breeds you want to promote slow growth because you don’t want to tax their growing bones and joints with too much calcium and fat. They require a much longer period of time to get to adult size (up to 3 years). Is that what your breeder recommended?

Edit: Pixar, it is widely accepted in Newfs that you feed adult food to puppies. Dale A is not wrong in that some, not all, large breed puppy foods are formulated correctly now, it hasn’t always been that way. Unless the person in your family knows what to look for when reading the guaranteed analysis (on the pet food bag) to choose the correct large breed puppy food, they are better off with adult food.

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