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Mandy asks…

Cesar Milan’s Dog Whisperer dog food analysis?

Hey guys. I bought Cesar Milan’s Dog Whisperer dog food today. I wanted to go check it out on dogfoodanalysis.com but I can’t EVER get their website to work. The address comes back as being invalid. Does anyone know what’s going on with it? And has anyone used this dog food? Any opinions?
Thank You!!

Jimmy answers:

This the review from one the dog food review sites that I recommend & use. It got 4& half stars out of 10 – not good.

Going into this review, I will admit, I thought this was going to be another poor attempt at someone using their celebrity status to market a horrible quality dog food. Cesar Millan dog food isn’t actually horrible, but by no means the greatest.

Cesar Millan dog food does contain grains in the form of Organic Barley and Organic Oats. All these grains are organic and of decent quality. We tend to lean more towards dog food brands that have minimal amounts of grains in their ingredients.

Cesar Millan dog food also contain minimal amounts of meat. There are only 1-2 meat ingredients in the first five ingredients. These meats could be outweighed by grains if you take the total weight. When looking at brands of dog food we want to see at least 2 names meats sources of meat in the first five ingredients.

Donald asks…

Dog Food Analysis Website?

WHO gives the person the authority to review dog food at DogFoodanalysis.com? This person has no brain and lacks structure and proper knowledge of pet food to review. I have education in animal nutrition and have FAR more knowledge and experience in this than he does. What makes him think he knows it all? It has no QUALIFICATIONS for him reviewing. furthermore he has committed countless acts of libel, of which I am considering notifying every pet food co. he has committed this crime against so that they can sue him personally and get his stupid site removed…

This is not a rant..

Who is he? What gives him this authority? Do you trust this dumb. useless website?

Jimmy answers:

Here’s the thing: the dog food companies are fully aware of these sites, and if there is something criminal going on, you can be certain their lawyers will deal with it. Some of the claims on the site are dead on (certainly not all of them). I’d rather see someone follow the sometimes extreme advice on that website than to take their information from a Beneful commercial! Besides, only a moron would take advice from an anonymous website anyway…whoever runs the site refuses to identify themselves or their credentials, so only an idiot would take their advice at face value. Telling someone that say, Pedigree is a crappy food is hardly libel (especially since it’s 100% true).

You don’t need authority to set up a website, just the ability to do so. Do I trust it? I don’t trust anyone who claims to be an expert and won’t cite their credentials, but I can tell you that too many people are feeding their dogs unhealthy crap, and if this website helps prevent that (even if it does go to some extremes), it’s certainly not causing harm.

Thomas asks…

Where does your dog food rank on dog food analysis?

I am doing some research, and your help would be appreciated.
Please go to:


Type in the brand name that you feed your dog, and the search will list a review of the ingredients of your dog‘s food, what the makeup percentage is, and their pros and cons. Your current dog food brand will be ranked from 1 to 6 stars with 5 being the highest, or it might be archived in which case you will need to select a similar product to get a star ranking from that manufacture. Please respond with your dog food brand, where it ranked, and if the ranking was higher or lower than you thought it would be.
if your dog food is not listed on dog food analysis please state what you feed your dog: raw diet or brand name
uhave2be please state your 1 star brand

Jimmy answers:

Actually I think they are rather scientific. I don’t imagine that the break down in chemical analysis they post is a random guess at percentages.
After the last post, the image of Morgan Spurlock getting a check up after being on the McDonald’s diet for 25 days, and being told you need to quit this diet or you will have severe damage, pops into my mind. If you really think that corn, and other junk additives make a complete meal for your dog when combined with a low protein content then by all means feed it to your dogs. I know when I take my kids to the zoo we see the lions eating meat. What are those zoo keepers thinking. They could save a ton of money if they only fed cheap dog food, but they don’t. Huh maybe they have a little bit of education. Please don’t give us the song and dance that cheap food is good for dogs when its only good on your wallet. You get what you pay for.

Acana, five star, grain free and high in protein.

Evo, six star, grain free and high in protein


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