Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Analysis

Steven asks…

What do you know about Professional Brand Dog Food?

I have been looking at their foods and I realize they are listed as a 2 star food according to pet food analysis.com, but I am looking for input from people who feed this to their dogs. I believe they are attached to Diamond and I know about their recall a few years ago. I am looking to switch my dog to a food with less/no corn as I believe she may be allergic or sensitive to it.

Jimmy answers:

Yes, its very common for dogs to become allergic to corn and other grains

A good one u should try
Is wellness super5mix

natural with no corn, by product or fillers

5 star on foodanalysis.com

my dogs never looked better

wellnesspertfood.com for more info and store locater

and if join the mailing club, they send out coupons every month

this brand may seem a lil more expensive, but since it has no fillers and contains real meat, dogs tend to need to eat less kibble to feel full and thus having the food lasting longer

good luck!

Sandy asks…

Is Costco’s Kirkland brand Super Premium Dog Food really “Super Premium” or better than a grocery store brand?

With two large dogs one goes through dog food fairly fast, so I’m trying to find something that is not real expensive but still a quality diet. I have a Costco membership and noticed their “Super Premium Adult Lamb and Rice” dog food today. They also had a Chicken and Vegetables blend. The ingredients looked good – no by-products, etc., but I’m not an expert when it comes to individual food analysis.

Does anyone feed this brand to their dogs? Has your experience been good/bad? Thanks so much!
The first ingredient was lamb, the second was lamb meal, and the third was brown rice….

Jimmy answers:

Yes, yes yes yes yes! Kirkland is the generic version of one of Diamond’s food (I don’t remember which style off the top of my head). It is a very high quality feed. I give it to my four dogs and have had seen a significant reduction of skin and hair problems, and the four I have all have thicker, fuller coats than their same-breed friends who eat Purina’s Pro Plan. We used to feed the lamb based food but were told that the chicken decreases flatulance so we switched and have not had a problem. I highly recommend it.

Ruth asks…

What brand of organic food should I feed my new dog? What guaranteed analysis should I look for?

I just rescued a Parson Russell Terrier (long-legged Jack Russell) from the Humane Society where I volunteer. She is very thin, and I want her to gain weight quickly (in a healthy way), but I don’t know what brand of dog food to feed her. I already know that commercial dog food brands (i.e. Purina) are full of indigestible components such as artificial colors/preservatives and animal by-products, so I’m positive that I want to feed her an all-natural/organic dog food (preferrably one that has meat or meat meal making up the first four ingredients). Right now, I like Natura EVO Small Bites, but I’m concerned with the guaranteed analysis because I don’t understand the nutrition needs of a terrier. I’m not sure if too much protein is a good thing for her, especially because she’s so malnourished. Will that help or hurt her? Feel free to suggest other holistic/organic dog food brands to compare. :) Currently, my mom is feeding her Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul.

Natura EVO Small Bites
Crude Protein (min)= 42%
Crude Fat (min)= 22%
First four ingredients: Turkey, Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul
Crude Protein (min)= 24%
Crude Fat (min)= 14%
First four ingredients: Chicken, Turkey, Chicken Meal, Ocean Fish Meal

Jimmy answers:

I don’t know a huge amount about the guaranteed analysis, but I know EVO is a higher quality food than Chicken Soup. CS is a decent food, but EVO is more suited for a dogs digestive system.

I’m sure she’ll be fine, whichever food you put her on. She’ll probably gain more on EVO because of the high protein. Personally I feed my dog California Natural Lamb Meal & Rice.

And yay for adopting!

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