Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Brands

Robert asks…

Is Iams a good dog food brand?

I have been feeding my two chihuahuas and American pitbull Iams for years because I go to Walmart and it just seemed like the better bag to buy but is it healthy for my dogs? What other brands are good?

Jimmy answers:

If Iams is working for you then why change??? All this talk about the “best” food is malarky. There are many good foods out there and buy the one that you can afford. Unless your dogs have food allergies all the name brand foods are just fine. If, however, your dog has red ears, is itching a lot, then you need to be more careful about what you feed them. Iams has several new formulations that are excellent. As soon as a dog owner starts changing the food many dogs become fussy eaters..which can be a major problem, so stick with what you are using as long as you don’t see a problem with it.
Goodness, I raised Miniature Schnauzers for over 20 years on Purina Puppy Chow and Purina Dog Chow and they lived long happy lives on it.
Be wary of the dogfoodanalysis site. It’s interesting to read about how some of the products get zinged on there. Do your own research on each individual dog food company, or subscribe to the Whole Dog Journal that doesn’t take money from anyone but the magazine subscribers and gives a dog food evaluation once a year, both kibble and canned.

Thomas asks…

The healthiest Dog Food Brand?

We’re getting an American Cocker Spaniel and we want to ensure longevity of health, so I am curious on to what is the best type of dog food among the following brands.

or Percise

I need to see which percentage of protein is recommended for a Cocker, however; any feedback from well advised persons is greatly welcomed!


Jimmy answers:

Consider CANIDAE DRY DOG FOOD, ALL LIFE STAGES…….this is an ALL NATURAL, ALL HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS, NO BY-PRODUCTS, NO FILLERS OR CORN OR WHEAT, NO BEET PULP OR SALT, ALL USA INGREDIENTS, and it has lots of vitamins and enzymes that are good for dogs !!!…….it is made at their own plant in the USA, with ALL USA INGREDIENTS, & HAS A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if you are unhappy, for ANY reason !!!…….MANY BREEDERS RECOMMEND CANIDAE, and many Yahoo answer people, HAVE USED CANIDAE FOR YEARS, WITH MUCH SUCCESS AND SATISFACTION !!!!!…….i switched my 2 dogs, and my daughter in law switched her 3 dogs to Canidae, and all 5 dogs ARE VERY HAPPY WITH CANIDAE !!!…….go to Canidae.com, for more information & testimonials from dog owners, and a list of dealers near you, by Zip code !!…….Canidae rates a 5 star rating on dry dog food, out of a possible 6 star top rating, and scored 112 points, or an A+, out of a possible 100 points top rating, on another dry dog food survey by dog food nutritionists !!!……my JRTerrier loves Canidae, and eats HALF as much as his previous dog food, and leaves me HALF as much residue on the grass also !!…….i am a retired CPA & CFP, and after MAJOR RESEARCH ON THE INTERNET, I CONCLUDE THAT CANIDAE DRY DOG FOOD, ALL LIFE STAGES, IS THE BEST DRY DOG FOOD AVAILABLE, ANYWHERE, AND IS REASONABLY PRICED, FOR ALL DOG OWNERS !!!!…….try Canidae dry dog food, all life stages, and i believe you and your American Cocker Spaniel will BOTH BE VERY HAPPY WITH CANIDAE !!!…. Try it, you will like it !!!…any more questions on Canidae or my research, email me !!!….good luck to y’all !!….PS, here in TX, i pay $ 34 for a 40 lb bag, including free delivery, from Metropetservices.com !!!

William asks…

What Brand Dog Food Should I Feed My Dog?

I would like to know what brand dog food I should feed my dog? I just took in a 3 to 5 year old Jack Russell and I am feeding him Purina Little Bites. I was told I need to feed him something better. Just not sure what to buy. I would appreciate anyone’s help on this and Thank you in advance!

Jimmy answers:

There are a lot of expensive foods out there but I feed my dog what he feeds his dogs. It’s called Pet Chef Express. You call the company and they bring the food right to your door. No shipping fee. They have delivery people. It’s all 100% natural and every ingredient is great for your dog. There is no corn or fillers. It isn’t too expensive either. It’s comparable to Orijen or any one of the big name dog foods but it doesn’t cost as much. My dog loves it. He’s 15.8 years old and I was feeding him Orijen. The vet told me that Orijen has far too much protein and told me about Pet Chef Express. My dog is so full of energy and still runs on our walks. I trust my vet 100% and the food change really shows in my dog. You can contact them by phone or email. They will deliver very generous samples to your door and they even threw in some liver cookies for my dog. That way you can try the different formulas and see which one your dog likes the most. Dogs need protein but too much protein is hard on their kidneys.


You can also go to a site called Dog food advisor. They have rated all known dog foods by stars. 1 star being the least healthy and 5 stars being the most healthy. You can compare the ingredients in the foods and try the one that is highly rated. Pet Chef is rated as being 4 stars.


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