Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Brands

Sandy asks…

What’s a good dog food brand?

im going to adopt a chihuahua and im not really sure what brand of food to get for him. But I have all the other basics figured out. Soooo what do you think is the best brand of dog food for small toy dogs like chihuahuas.

Jimmy answers:

My dog has been on Iams and nothing else for 15 years now. He’s in good health and doing well. I highly recommend it. There are new (fad diets) out there like the raw ones and new expensive brands but, I would like to see a 20 year study on how long these dogs end up living as compared to dogs like mine who are fed a well known brand which I feel is healthy.

Steven asks…

Is Wellness dog food a good brand for my dog?

I was wondering because I was looking it up and some say it’s good and sone say it’s bad. My dog is a Min Pin almost a year old. She has been eating this brand for a long time and don’t seem to have problems with it. But I hear some people say there are worms and bugs in it? She loves the food and will eat anything I feed her.
So is it a good idea to continue feeding it to her?

Jimmy answers:

I use wellness and I love it. It is a healthy dog food. If your dog seems like she is a healthy weight and getting all the nutrients she needs then I would say it is fine to keep feeding it to her. However, you can always try different dog foods until you feel like you found the right one for your dog. Otherwise, I don’t see why you should change it. I like the brand and worms and bugs can be found in any dog food or even human food for that matter. It is the random times bugs happen to get into the mixer. It happens… I’d keep it :)

Daniel asks…

Which is the best dog food brand?

Pedigree, Good boy, or Eukanuba?

Also what are other affordable dog food brands that are good?
You can recommend good food brands that cost $20-30 per month for a toy poodle

Jimmy answers:

Peraonally, I like to recommend Nutro Ultra Toy Breed formula for dogs under 10 lbs. It is an all natural, holistic dog food with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, no corn, wheat, or by-products. It does have blueberries, cranberries, and pomegranates, which are all great for their immune system. It also had chicken, lamb, and salmon which makes the food smell more and taste great for dogs. Smell is the first thing that entices a dog to eat. My mom’s dogs eat the Ultra and they absolutely love it.

I hope that helps!

Pet Nutrition Specialist for The Nutro Company

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