Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Brands

Carol asks…

What’s a good dog food brand?

What a good/healthy dog food for large breed dogs. We feed my dog pedigree and we know its not that great, but it’s hard to afford much more. Anyway what is a good dog food that isn’t outrageously expensive. Thanks

Jimmy answers:

I fed my dog Diamond Naturals that for about 40 bucks you could get a 40lb bag. I fed the chicken and rice formula for awhile. Also, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s soul which was about the same price.

I now feed a grain free diet for my dog that has improved her coat and skin drastically. She eats Taste of The Wild which ranges about 50 dollars for a 30lb bag. But the food lasts just as long.

If you want to research different foods and see the quality of other dog food brands offered in your area I suggest dog food advisor as they rate dog food quality based on ingredients.


Linda asks…

You have to pick between 2 brands of dog food?

The only problem is do you pick Hill’s Science Diet or Purina Pro Plan? Which food would you buy for your dog if you had to pick between the two? I heard that Hill’s changed their formula for their dog food making corn a main ingredient.
Just to make things clear, I feed my dog Blue Buffalo, I was just wondering which brand was better. Here are two types: http://proplan.com/products/SmallBreed_DryDog.html and http://www.hillspet.com/products/science-diet/sd-canine-adult-small-bites-dry.html

Jimmy answers:

After learning about the pet food industry I wouldn’t feed either of this brands. That said if they were my only options I would pick Purina Pro Plan. Maybe I would just feed my pet scraps that’s basically what dogs ate before Pet food was invent oh about 60 years ago. So for thousands of years when dog lived among man they ate scraps and perhaps things they could catch.

If you can afford it you might consider a higher quality kibble.

Helen asks…

what are some vegan dog food brands?

i’m getting a dog and i want it to be vegan like me so if you know of any dog food brands please tell me thanks! =)

Jimmy answers:

Dogs are omnivores, not carnivores. Their livers make the enzymes needed to digest vegetable protein. I’d talk to your vet before doing this though.

Vegan Dog Nutrition Association

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