Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Comparison

George asks…

Where to buy dog Food ?

Ok so im feeding my puppy solid gold wolf cub and she seems to love it I can get it at Pet Supplies Plus in my area for about $45.00 per 33lbs bag Which will last me about 2 weeks now question is I found on Amozon.com the same stuff for $38.00 but with the cost of shipping it makes not even worth it, I was just wondering if any one had a good website for me to look for my pups food ?
Hey Floppy I can affored it, its not the problem sorry for trying to save a little bit of money, and if you had a pup that weighs 65 lbs at 6 months and looks skinny you might got through that kind of food too, and is it so hard to belive that I feed my puppy 5 cups of food a day
16 Days just over two weeks
Im not switching food she been on solid gold for about a week after I switched her from Pro plan and already she has more energy, just wating to see if it will help with her dander and itiching, also I know they dont sell solid gold at walmart so thats out of the question, Pets Supplie Plus has it but as some one posted I guess its not worth over the net unless you buy in bulk.

Jimmy answers:

“The rule of thumb is to feed your dog the best quality food you can afford”

That is absolutely not true!
The rule of thumb is to feed your dog the food IT does best on.

I can assure you that if you feed your sled dog pups the best food you can afford that they will never compete in the Iditarod because they will start to brake down before they ever reach that level of competition. Reason being, they were made to mature to quickly. There is far more to proper nutrition than meets the eye or shows up on a silly comparison of ingredients charts.

Nancy asks…

Preference on Dog food?

I want my dog to be healthy and have a proper nutrition. What dog food brand would you recomend that has natural ingredients?

Jimmy answers:

No kibble is actually very good for dogs. There are lots of websites that do comparisons, but make sure you dont use the ones that are selling a particular brand. There are independent testers, and they rate all the brands of dog food.
I feed my dogs a species appropriate diet, which is pretty much the only kind of a diet that is GOOD for the dog. They can survive on kibble, but thats about it. Some of it is a lot better than others, though, so you should research and decide which one you want. And please dont be worried about the cost; they eat quite a lot less of a quality food. This is because poor quality foods contain a lot of things the dog simply cant use. So he poops it all out in huge piles. If he isnt getting all that junk in his food, and he can use most of the ingredients, then his poops are small and he is healthy and happy. I feed raw, but thats not an option for everyone, i realize. The difference since I started it are like night and day. Leerburg.com has lots of good info on diet for dogs, and they have a lot of free articles and videos on just about anything you need to know about dogs. There are lots of others, too. Good luck and have fun with your puppy!

Richard asks…

Dog food change?

After reading some of the answers to other people’s questions about dog food & following some links, I decided to switch my dog‘s food from Purina puppy chow to Canidae. I put the food down in a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture so as to not upset his tummy but, he will not eat! Not sure how to convince him to eat the new food!

Jimmy answers:

You should switch it slower, such as 25% or even 10% at a time.

Dogs decide what is good to eat by smell, not by taste. Some of the lower quality foods are sprayed with fat to make them smell more appeal to the dog. (I don’t know if Puppy Chow is like this or not.)

Basically, you’re trying to wean your dog off of McDonald’s and onto steak (for comparison of quality). It may take some time.

Canidae is a great food! :)

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