Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Comparison

Joseph asks…

Dog food question/advice?

FYI…i am just looking for some insight i am NOT looking for criticism on what i do or dont feed my pups!
I am thinking about switching my dogs food. Right now they eat Purina Pro Plan (i dont want to hear peoples dislikes about this particular brand, i know its not the best but its what i can afford right now).
Right now i have 3 large dogs who eat about 2 cups each of food per day and i pay about $35 for one 30lb bag of dog food.
I can not afford to pay $60+ for my dog food, but i have been looking into Taste of the Wild (i get the canned food for them every once in a while and they love it) it is much better for them and only a little more expensive (about $46 for a 30lb bag).
I was wondering peoples thoughts on this brand and IF i decide to switch would there be a difference in the amount i feed them seeing as it is a better brand? (i have been told there is, even though the back of the bag says about the same)

Thanks for any help :)
i never let my dogs “free feed”, they get there 2 cups a day and that is it besides some home made treats sometimes.
i never just switch straight over, i have adopted pups and they ALWAYS feed them science diet so i have to switch them slowly when i get them home.
also i dont want it to be to much food for them, i know technically its the same amount BUT the healthier food has more carbs which can fill them up faster and all that kind of stuff, so i have been told that they may need to be fed less because if i feed them the same amount of the old stuff they could become overweight.
wow yall feed yalls big dogs a LOT more then i feed mine lol
my biggest dog is a lab mix and he is 65(ish) pounds and he gets 2.5 cups per day
thanks for all the advice so far :)
ow and i WISH i had a family owned feed store around here who would sell it for $35 a bag, but the only place i have that sells it is tractor supply

Jimmy answers:

I feed my dogs Taste of the Wild, Wetlands Formula, and they are going GREAT on it. It IS a top of the line food. Too bad you don’t have a family owned feed store near you (or maybe you should look into that) as I do. I’ve been shopping at this place for 35 years, and I pay $35.99 for a 30 lb. Bag.

Add: YES, you will be feeding less, for two reasons really. One, because it doesn’t have all those fillers, and two, because it it is higher in calorie. Before switching to TOTW, I was feeding Natural Balance. (one of my dogs can not tolerate grains) I was feeding almost SIX cups per day of the Natural Balance, and am now feeding about 3 3/4 cups per day of TOTW. Just for comparison, the dog I’m speaking about is a Doberman b*tch weighing right around 63-65 lbs.

William asks…

Difference between Nutro and Orijen dog food?

Some people on here ask what kind of food to feed their dogs.
I usually tell people Nutro. They have a formula for large breed puppies (I have a 10 month old Doberman). Nutro and Royal Canin are under the same parent company but Nutro is cheaper. They have a holistic brand (just like Orijen) and that’s what I feed my guy.

Royal Canin is recommended by vets as a high quality food. My dog didn’t particularly like Royal Canin and I was told about Nutro which my vet was fine with (as she recommended a high quality large breed puppy formula).

Every time I suggest Nutro to someone, I get a bunch of thumbs down lol. Then it’s all about Orijen.
So since everyone on here votes and seems to think there is something wrong with Nutro, I would really love if someone could explain to me what is so bad about it and why Orijen is so much better – proven fact would be better than personal opinion. I feel like a lot of people just haven’t heard of Nutro and just condemn the unknown. Thanks!

Jimmy answers:

Bells-she is talking about Nutro Ultra puppy food, not Nutro Max, which is a lower quality food, so your comparison is absolutely wrong.

A certain amount of bitterness toward Nutro is residual from the 2007 dog food recall, in which Nutro had many products involved. People are slow to trust again after such a horrific event. Nutro is also owned by a large corporation, and all the negativity that is channeled toward Mars includes Nutro.
Most of their products do include many synthetic ingredients, and even their “holistic” puppy food contains corn gluten, which is not what I would consider a good quality protein source.

However, they are not the devil, and do not deserve the repulsion that some show on this site. They do produce a good middle of the road food, and I would rather see someone feeding Natural Choice venison or fish than Beneful any day of the week.

Edit: and Bells, some vets ARE nutritionists. Sounds like you just need to find a better one.

Mark asks…

Wer dog food for my senior Chihuahua…?

I have a 7 year old Chihuahua and I just started her on senior food which is dry and I mix it with wet but she only eats the wet part and not the dry so I feel like she’s wasting food. Just wondering what wet food would be best for her and doesn’t cost too much. I have 5 dogs and can’t afford too expensive foods
I get her yearly dentals and brush her teeth weekly so I’m not worried about her teeth going bad. She just doesn’t like dry food. And I have tried MANY brands of dry food.

Jimmy answers:

Nothing wrong with wet food. It’s actually better than dry food so long as it’s a high quality canned food. Why? Because it is less processed, has little to no preservatives, the food is more in its natural state, and the water content is a good thing. My vet says most dogs fed only dry food are in a constant state of mild dehydration. Dogs would naturally get moisture from their food but that doesn’t happen with dry food. Why do you think it costs so much more to feed your dog on high quality canned instead of high quality dry? The food is of better quality and isn’t extremely processed like kibble.

Dry food does NOT clean teeth. That is a very old myth and most vets will tell you this. Genetics play the biggest role in the condition of a dogs teeth but the only way to clean them is to provide proper dental care. I never feed either of my dogs dry food and both have perfect teeth. Dry food was made not that long ago only for the convenience of humans. It is the most unnatural form of dog food.

Look for canned foods that have named meats on the ingredient list. Little to no grains is best. Avoid foods that have by products, unnamed meats, unnamed fats, glutens, corn, soy, wheat, added sugar, animal digest, and artificial flavors/colors/preservatives. Some good brands of canned food include Before Grain, EVO, Wellness, Wellness CORE, Nature’s Variety Instinct, Weruva, and Tiki Dog. Tiki Dog is my personal favorite and my dogs go crazy for it but it is very pricey. It is fit for human consumption. I used to feed it to my dogs before I switched them.

They were also fed Deli Fresh, a fresh refrigerated dog food made of 70% meat. That isn’t as expensive and my Chihuahua really liked it. It’s soft and rolled and available at Petsmart. I used to feed it but now I’m trying my dogs on Nature’s Variety Instinct RAW. That’s another option you have and it is actually quite cheap in comparison to canned.

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