Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Comparison

Michael asks…

food for my yorkie?

Well my yorkie is about 3 months and currently feeding him eurknuba and heard the food is low quality and i’m going to change it to Canidae. Is my yorkie too young to eat that?

Jimmy answers:

+All dog foods are not created equal. There is a huge difference in ingredients, quality of ingredients and company standards. When wondering what to get or comparing your current food it is best to do as much research as possible.

Your options are a raw diet, which is one of the greatest diets for dogs. To learn more go to www.barfworld.com. Raw really means nothing cooked; meat, bones and organs. This is not to be confused with allowing your dog to eat cooked bones, cooked bones are harmful, raw bones are not. This is the dog’s ancestral diet. If you think a dog should not be eating raw meat, go back and study wolves. Ask yourself what year was dog food made and then how long have dogs been around without our help of over processed dog food and gravy.

Another option is kibble and wet food. You can do both or just Kibble, but avoid doing just wet food. Feeding Kibble 2x a day 12 hours apart and wet food 2x a week in place of 1 feeding of equal calories is a good balance. DO NOT OVER Do WET FOOD. When you are looking for a healthy dog food it is important that not only the kibble be high quality but the wet food, treats and chews be high quality as well.

Foods to avoid: Pedigree, Beneful, Purina, Iams, Nutro, Alpo, Ol Roy, Mighty Dog, Ceser, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Purina, Royal Canin, Eagle Pack (not to be confused with Eagle Pack Holistic) and of course all grocery store brands of dog food!

These foods have low quality ingredients that can cause allergies, diabetes, bloat, overweight, oily skin, excessive and or runny stool and a myriad of other problems.

Most of these brands are owned by companies like Del Monte, Proctor and Gamble, Mars and Nestle. Do you really believe that a company like Proctor and Gamble who makes beauty products, household cleaning supplies, baby items,prescription drugs and many others is the best suited company to make quality products for dogs? 50% of Mars is pet food, 45% is unhealthy snacks like candy bars. Science Diet is promoted by vets who in return make a profit on every bag they sell. Hill’s is the largest employer of veterinarians outside of academia. They sponsor many pet nutrition related veterinary school programs and hold seminars and training sessions on the subject of pet nutrition for practicing veterinarians. So of course Hill’s is going to say they are the best, they are teaching the vets pet nutrition, they want to make a profit, not healthy cat and dog food. Does this sound like the best company to make dog food? All of these companies have one thing in common, they have the advertising to make you believe pictures of meat and veggies and healthy dogs running around on the commercials is what you will get. Knowing the truth about what is in these foods is devastating.

Quality dog foods: Innova, California Natural, EVO, Karma, Wellness, Wellness Core, Orijen, Canidae, Merricks, Artemis, Taste of the Wild, Nature’s Variety, Solid Gold-Barking at the Moon, Go!, Now! And Timberwolf.

Here are several websites to do your own research, which I highly suggest. A lot of questions here about dog’s health problems are a direct result of the food you are feeding. Read the ingredients label on the back, go to the website and see who owns the dog food, look up the ingredients and learn why it is used and what the pros and cons are. Changing to a healthy low grain, no grain dog food will relieve most of your dog aliments and give you a healthier and happier dog.







Mark asks…

Wet dog food only diet?

I have tried mixing wet+dry food together but my dog just licks the wet of the dry and won’t eat it so is it okay if he just has a wet food only diet? Also is nature diet a good,nutritious brand of wet food? If not what brand is?

Jimmy answers:

A quality canned dog food is actually better for a dog than kibble … It has been shown that given the choice, dogs will go for canned food … Canned food has little to no preservatives, it has chunks of meat that kibble does not have, and the increased moisture content is of benefit to the dog and its digestion … Ever notice after a dog has a big bowl of kibble they they need a big bowl of water … It has been shown that some dogs fed purely kibble can be living in a mildly dehydrated state … Quality canned food is more expensive than the most expensive kibble because it is better … And if ever someone says kibble keeps teeth clean, nothing but brushing the teeth will keep them clean … If you do feed an all canned diet you could offer the dog a big raw bone to knaw on for a treat every once in a while … Naturediet looks like a quality food to feed … If you can afford it, feed your dog wet food all the time …

“Canned dog food tends to contain higher values of protein, moisture and vitamins. See below, for important information on how to make a true wet vs. Dry dog food comparison of the guaranteed analysis panel.

Most dogs, and particularly finicky eaters, usually find canned dog food more appetizing than dry kibble, as it is very flavorful.

Canned dog food is less processed.

There is no need to chemically preserve wet dog food, so it generally tends to contain less chemical preservatives. Wet Dog Food or Dry Dog Food

Senior dogs, small dog breeds, and dogs with dental problems find it easier to chew soft food.

Unopened canned dog foods have a far longer shelf life, and may be purchased in bulk quantities.”

“Most studies in this regard are sponsored in part by the actual manufacturers of either wet dog food or dry dog food. Therefore, it’s difficult to give much weight to these types of biased results.

However, our research found that many independent experts tend to give some preference to the best canned dog food versus dry. Otherwise, they recommend a combination of the two.”

Nancy asks…

Does anyone know where to buy bakers dog food cheap?

I have a german shepherd and wondered where the cheapest place is to buy large amounts of bakers complete.

Jimmy answers:

Here a comparison site for it:http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk/by-make/b/bakers-dog-food.asp You may find a cheap site there.

Or:http://www.coolpetandanimalfeedcentre.co.uk/bakers-complete-adult-15kg-bag-203-p.asp Or http://www.seapets.co.uk/products/dog-supplies/dog-food-complete-dog-food-canned-food/complete-dog-foods/complete-dog-food/bakers-complete/page-2.html I don’t know where you live,i am guessing the UK? *Scats Countrystores* do it cheap too.http://www.scatscountrystores.co.uk/scats/pages/homepage.jhtml Or any other Countrystore.

Hope this helps! Xxx

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