Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Comparison

Helen asks…

is Purina a good dog food for siberian huskies?

Is Purina good enough when feeding siberian husky puppies and adults? If it isn’t what do you feed your huskies?

Jimmy answers:

NO NO NO!!! Purina is a horrible food. An awesome food for siberian huskies is the new Blue Buffalo Wilderness formula! Blue Buffalo is one of the best comercially available dog foods, and their new formula is great for high energy dogs like huskies.

Here is a comparison of blue buffalo to Purina


You can go here and compare any food, really


Here is information the the blue buffalo Wilderness


For a high energy dog like huskies, it is PERFECT! I really would recomend it. It is more expensive then purina, but on the other hand, when the food is better quality you don’t have to feed as much for them to get the same amount of nutriants. 4 cups of blue buffalo is equal to 6 or 8 cups of purina dog food

Canidae (sorry, I think I spelt that wrong) is one of the best foods out there, but its harder to find in stores and you usually have to order it, which is why I recomend Blue Wilderness. You can buy it at petsmart

Mary asks…

What is the best/healthiest dog food?

I have an active about almost 1 and a half years old female golden retriever. about 60 to 70 pounds. currently feeding Iams proactive health chunks 1+years.
Also this fall (allergy season) she seems to have developed pretty bad back paws, you know licking them raw and stuff. do you think stuff in dog food can cause this?

Jimmy answers:

Best thing to do it not look for a particular brand, but ingredients in foods. I can spout off tons of great foods, but if you can’t find one in your area, then it does you no good.

You are looking for foods with no corn and wheat anything… These are cheap fillers that dogs don’t use so it goes to waste. The best foods actually have no grains at all, because dogs are carnivores and cannot use the grains very well, and do not need the extra carbs. But, most foods use a few grains, but the better ones are brown rice, oatmeal and barley. You want meat as a first ingredient, if not 2nd, and 3rd too. You also want to steer away from listed by-products because these are the parts of the meat that have not passed inspection for human consumption (not even in hot dogs or bologna). A good quality food uses vitamins occurring from natural sources, like fruits and veggies. Examples, or maybe foods to look for, are Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Innova, Natural Balance, Solid Gold, Eagle Pack, Taste of the Wild. Most you can find at a pet retail store or feed store.

Iams, in comparison, uses a lot of filler material that doesn’t digest right, so you end up feeding more food for the same nutritional value. It also has some real chicken meat, but is followed up by chicken by-product, another cheap filler. The vitamins in Iams are usually test tube generated. Now, while your dog looks healthy on Iams, you will see a dramatic improvement still with a higher quality food.

ADD, for your ADD:
Yes. The filler stuff in dog food is the number one cause of this. Dogs are meat eaters, and never were designed to eat grain (just as you wouldn’t give a hamster a steak, because they eat nuts, seeds, and grasses). The filler, which is mostly grain, is hard for the dog’s meat eating body to break down and use the fats, proteins, and acids contained in it. A lot of that ends up going out as unused waste because the dog just couldn’t use it. Then, parts like the skin and coat, become itchy because there aren’t enough fats and proteins in the body to support them. So, bad stuff in dog food causes. Good stuff in dog food provides not only the right amount of fat and protein, but the right amount of USABLE proteins and fats that promote a healthy skin and coat too, as well as all other organs in the body.

Richard asks…

Dog food on a budget…?

Now as we all know by now, higher quality dog food has a higher sticker price, compared to a lower quality dog food….

some of us can afford foods like Canidee,and Wellness…but what about the ones that can’t

I know before this site I feed my dogs Iams, and they are alive and kicking…I never personally had a problem, but I switched to Wellness Core to see a difference

so my question to you Is
What if you can only afford to feed Pedigree or Kibbles and Bits.
I personally don’t see anything wrong with it, the dog is getting food

I say feed what you can afford!!

wow Jen, I guess people don’t like stories…

Jimmy answers:

~ Canidae is a very reasonable inexpensive dog food. Since you feed less, it comes out close in comparison and for the extra good it will do for the dog, I think it pays for it self in the long run. If you just can’t get around pay more than $10.00 for a large bag, then I would feed raw before feeding grocery store food.

Taking in rescues I have seen what Pedigree, Beneful, Kibbles N Bits, Purina and all the rest do to dogs and I would not chance it for anything.

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