Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Comparison

Lisa asks…

Canidae Dog Food Reformulation?

I bought my puppy Canidae All Life Stages back in March 2008. And I was going to buy my puppy another bag of Canidae since we’re almost through with the bag. Today, I read that there’s a new formula out for Canidae now. But I was reading reviews about how the new formula is making dogs sick.

So my questions are:

1. Are the dogs getting sick because the dog owners are not mixing in with the old formula or is it because the formula itself is bad?

2. When did this change in formula occur?

3. Does anyone have a comparison picture of the old dog food bag and the new dog food bag?

Please answer all 3 aspects of my question.

Should I switch to a different brand?

Higher meat content is a good thing, correct?

I am planning to buy the new formula and mix it in with the old formula that I still have left.

Jimmy answers:

1. Yes, usually it is because the owners did not slowly transition the dogs to the new formula. However, some dogs may have a sensitivity or allergy to one of the added ingredients. I was feeding Canidae until the switch, when I discovered that one of my dogs is allergic to Barley (rare but possible). My other dog had no problem with the ingredient change.

2. It happened a couple months ago for most of the formulas, and even earlier for the lamb and rice, but depending on if your supplier had a large stock of the ‘old’, the ingredient change still may not have happened in some locations.

3. There are photos of both the old and new packages here: http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/showcat.php?cat=all&stype=1&si=Canidae The old versions are labeled ‘archived’ after the product name. Packaging is very similar, but not exactly the same.

Add: Try out the new formula and see how your dog does. I would not automatically assume you need to switch. The new formula is still a very good food, they actually increased the meat content, the only real concern is with dogs that have food allergies and sensitivities to one of the new carbohydrate ingredients (peas, barley, or millet). I would get a small bag of the new stuff to start with, if it doesn’t work out, you don’t want to end up with tons of dog food you can’t use.

Mandy asks…

Which is the better dog food Solid Gold or Life’s Abundance?

I would like to switch from Natural Balance to either Solid Gold or Life’s abundance since the Natural Balance recall. Both of the these dog foods seem nuturional however I would appreciate comments and comparisons from someone who has fed these to their dogs…. I have border collies

Jimmy answers:

SOLID GOLD by far!!! I have fed my Rhodesian Ridgeback Sold Gold wolf king his whole life. It has real Bison (the top ingrediant) and Salmon and is very great for the coat. My sister also has a Chihuahua and I got her to switch to solid gold. Obviously not he wolf king, but you get the idea. It is a very Nutritious food and they only use the best ingrediants and it is packed with protien and no fillers. For Border collies, I can image they are very active and they need that protien for the reason alone. I would suggest the newer food Solid Gold came out with, I think it is called ‘Over the Moon’…. It is a teal bag and has a little dog jumping over a moon (who’d have thought??). This is their new food that has more protien that their regular food and is aimed towards dogs with high energy. It packs the dogs full of usabe protien and instead of fat!!!! It may seem alittle more expensive, but since it is so full of protien, you may even end up feeding them alittle less then you have before since all you used to feed them were fillers so it evens out.

Joseph asks…


I set out to do research to give my two dogs good food. I had like so many other people bought into the commercial brand foods like Purina, Eukanuba, and Pedigree. Well after doing research on the different brands i have found shocking truths about foods from grocery stores. Like putting dead dogs and cats that had been put to sleep with lethal injections and road kill animals along with MANY other terrible things that are put into our pets food that can kill them. I have also found out the 87% of dogs die due to bad commercial foods. Either by lack of nutrition, cancers, or other things that are in our pets foods. I am so glad that I found this info out and I will be throwing out my Purina food and go out and buy some Blue Buffalo since it is the best food I can find near me. I will be buying Blue Buffalo Senior since my Pom is 9 and my Dachshund is 7. My Dachshund had bad problems with skin allergies and now I have found out that it is due to bad food. I know that a lot of people don’t want to switch to a brand like Blue Buffalo because it is more money. But in all reality it isn’t. I did the research you can get a 30lb bag of Blue Buffalo Adult dog food for $42.99 and you can get a 8lb bag of Purina one adult dog food for $12.99 so if you bought 4 bags to make it up too 32lb since it wouldn’t add up too 30lb it would cost you $49.00. Blue Buffalo is roughfly the same price! Plus since you are feeding a better dog food you dog will not eat as much as he would normally. His coat will be shinier,his stool will be smaller,his breathe will be better. He will not die from chemicals and waste. I used to think that the people on here getting on to people telling them that their dogs food was crap was annoying but I want to thank them for that because it got me to want to check out why they were saying that. So everyone on here that says get off of the crappy food THANK YOU! And for a question can you give me success stories from your own dogs that have gained a better life from switching from a bad food to a good food?

Here is a good link for peaple wanting to know about the affect commercial food is having on their pets-


Here is a food comparison. Where does your dogs food stack up?


Here is another good link-

Jimmy answers:

I completely agree. I have a 12 year old beagle, for 8-9 years, I knew no better, till I started nosing around. He ate Alpo for all those years. His health wasn’t good anyway, he has allergies, he’s epileptic, and his coat was awful. I blamed if on pour breeding for a long time. After I found out how horrible Alpo was, I switched him to Canidae for seniors and overweight (as he’s nearly 10 pounds over weight due to my ignorance)! Anyway, he now will run around the yard like he thinks he’s a pup, his coat is beautiful, he has almost no seizures anymore, and his allergies are minimal. Thank you to all who ranted about poor dog food! Cuz now I have 4 of the healthiest dogs around!

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