Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Comparison

Chris asks…

Dog food question – does a premium brand save you money?

To start, this isn’t about what to feed my dog – he does quite well on Innova EVO, and I’m not looking to change. However, I constantly read here that a dog needs to be fed less of a premium dog food compared to a low quality dog food – is this true? The following example shows a comparison between Innova Evo and Iams – the EVO has slightly higher kcal/cup, but the feeding recommendations are similar. So, in your experience – does feeding a premium dog food actually save you money?

EX. (all values from dogfoodanalysis.com)

Iams MiniChunk vs Innova EVO small bite

Feeding guideline:
A 15lb dog should be fed 3/4 – 1 cup
3,706 kcal/kg, 426 kcal/cup

A 15lb dog should be fed about 0.9 Cups
4,243 kcal/kg, 537 kcal/cup

Abbyful – great link – Thanks!

Jimmy answers:

Interesting question!

In my case, no. I have been feeding Canidae for about a year. Last winter I learned the hard way that it’s too low in protein for my dogs (something I should have known, but I was so excited by the ingredients that I let it slide).

I pay close to $40/bag for it, and was feeding at least 1.5 times the amount of the $25/bag food that the racing dogs eat. My dogs were losing weight on Canidae due to their working + the very, very cold winter we had.

I would really like to feed a food with similar ingredients, but it has to be higher in protein. And the high protein stuff is $50/bag. Not do-able when I’m feeding 6 dogs.

More than likely the show dogs will go back to the $25/bag stuff this winter. I have to admit that despite its ingredients (pretty well identical to Eukanuba), the dogs do well on it. We’ve fed it for 8-10 years and most of the money we’ve spent at the vet was for routine stuff. The dogs are living into their teens.

Mandy asks…

Senior Dog food recommendation!?


I have a Rottweiler, who is gettting older (approx. 6-7 yrs old) . And i’m considering an alternative senior dog food for him. Currently, i am feeding him Eukanuba Large Breed Senior.

But, when I went to the store the other day … I noticed that the “guaranteed analysis” listed on the side of the Euk. bag was quite scant in comparison to many of the other brands. So, now I am concerned that he is not getting ‘everything’ that he needs from his food. (I actually realized that the formulation of the dog food has changed … sneaky, right?)

Anyways, I wanted to ask for senior dog food recommendations … that fit this this criteria: Greater than/equal to 26% protein, has Low carbs, has glucosamine and chondroitin.

My dog is at an appropriate weight for his size, and (we) are very active … we run at the dog park twice each day. So he needs good food to have the energy!

(… Or maybe I should switch him back to the adult formula?)

Thanks for your suggestions!
walking lady: Thanks for you message! Yeah, I know that less protein isn’t good. Dogs are carnivores and need protein as fuel… and that is why, IDEALLY I would like to feed him a food with greater than 26% protein (that ALONE is difficult to do… most dog food have far less!) I think the supplement thing is a great Idea. I’ll ask my vet for more info.
I’m am OBSESSIVE about dog, and dog nutrition … and that’s why I know that the formulation of my dogs food has changed (eg. it used to have fructooligosaccharides, and DHA).

So, I feel that LOTS of dog foods get a bad-rap (including Euk.) The vast majority of dog food is not preserved with BHA or BHT.

I am not opposed to feeding my dog food that contains by-product (ie., liver, lungs, heart tissues, CLEANED intestines … but nothing that contains bones, heads [ie brain], feet, beaks and feathers…. Why? Because if you observe wolves hunting in their natural habitat… you will see that the FIRST part the wolf eats is the organs {also known as “by product”}… dogs metabolize food differently than humans… and rarely ever develop high cholesteral… and other fat-related human illnesses).

Plain and simple, my dog isn’t allergic to chicken or corn …. so i’m fine with feeding him food that contains either.
i am also a trained biochemist (have completed 3+ years of graduate study). Therefore, I am EXCEEDINGLY skeptical of websites that make claims that have no scientific merit.

And that is why i’m kinda polling to ask if anyone knows of a food that I missed … (that meets the criteria…. )

also, i want something GLUTEN FREE!

In my mission to find a suitable food, I have looked at many of the foods recommended below and they often fail because of protein content (too low, or they use corn gluten… yuck!), or they don’t have glucosamine and chondroitin.

(ie. The senior formulas of: innova, merrick, canidae, wellness, evo, solid gold .. all fail!)

Jimmy answers:

Most good senior foods have less protein than you are looking for,I’d switch to an adult food and add a joint supplement,there are some chewables that are tasty for the dogs

John asks…

Need a brand similar to the Costco Kirkland brand of dog food?

That doesn’t cost as much, and I can purchase at the Fry’s, and or Walmarts. Any suggestions? My dog does have allergies to the wheat, the only other comparison I have found is a much more expensive brand. Or how about human food I can give a dog that has allergies??
** Hey Lindsey, don’t be a bitch! I have 3 dogs!! I have 5 kids…. Heaven for bid I want to save a penny here and there!!!! I use about 100 coupons everytime I go to the store too… You don’t know me! Don’t judge! You have an answer??? GREAT!!!! IF NOT~ shove it~! This dog was actually dumped on me… so far, the owner promised to pay me $30 a week… Guess what ….. she owes me $110 as of Monday…. so what??? I came here for answers, not for some stupid —- to bad mouth me… !!

Jimmy answers:

@Lindsay – Kirkland is NOT crap food, moron. It’s actually quite good dog food….get out of the dog section – you are just spouting off ignorant info.

Let me start off by saying that, no – absolutely not will you find a dog food at wal-mart, target, other grocery stores that DO NOT contain corn, wheat, and soy…every single brand of dog food on the shelves is nothing but crap – you must go to a pet store or Agway/tractor supply store to buy decent quality dog food (Costco is the one exception of a grocery-type of store that sells decent food)..

My dad feeds his 2 dogs Kirkland, and it’s decent food (of course there are better, but for the price, the quality is great). Anyways, some comparable dog food to Kirkland is:

-Diamond Naturals
-Premium Edge
-Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul.
- you can also look into “Taste of the Wild”…this is a LITTLE bit more pricey,, but it is grain free, and excellent food for the price.

These brands can only be found at pet stores or tractor supply stores. They do not contain wheat, and are good foods fro the price. DO NOT feed people food to a dog with allergies – stick with a good dog food diet. Dog food has a specially balanced amount of nutrients, if you think you can feed him people food as a main diet, you will be severely depleting him from essential vitamins and minerals.

Choose Wisely…good luck.

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