Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Coupons

Joseph asks…

I need to find some “Science Diet” dog food coupons that can be printed off. Where can I find some?

The coupons aren’t for me but for someone else and she wants me to get them for her if I can. And I’m not really in the position to tell her if it’s good stuff or not since I don’t know. She seems to think it is good stuff.
I let her know that it’s not the best stuff according to what you guys and the websites said. She asked me to write down some of the better brands that you suggested, so I’ve done that and given them to her. Thanks for the info.

Jimmy answers:

Don’t know. Science Diet is NOT a good food to feed your dog. Full of fillers and garbage.

Please go to the link below and see for yourself. Those rated highest are the best 5 or 6.


Jenny asks…

How to get Dog Food Coupons!?

Ok I know the news paper but how to get them off line threw mail? i am on a budget and I have 4 dogs 3 small 1 big. How to I tell the dog food companies that I need coupons to help me in a nice way?

Jimmy answers:

Write them and tell them.

I’m sure they are in the business of offering discounts and coupons and free dog food to everyone who asks.

David asks…

Got a coupon for a free bag of dog food-Would it be better if I…?

Claim the bag of dog food for myself(my own dog)


Get the dog food and then donate it to a local shelter?

Currently, I have the money and can afford the dog food myself. The coupon is good til December of this year and my original thought when seeing the coupon was “Awesome I save $50-60 the next time I need to get dog food

But then I remembered that animal shelters are always in need of food and other supplies. The coupon is good for a 25-35lb bag of dry food. Which I know in a shelter probably won’t last long, but help is help right?

Just curious on what those on here think would be the better choice to make.
Thanks to those that have answered. I was thinking of saving it until it gets closer to the expiration date and then deciding. It’s for the same brand that my dog eats(can be any ‘flavor’).

Jimmy answers:

If the coupon is for your dogs brand of food use it.
If it is for another brand of food donate it.
It is not worth messing up your dogs digestion for a bag.
You could always make a cash donation to a shelter,if you really want to.
Have a great day :)

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