Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Coupons

David asks…

why is my dog sick!!!off his food…?

ok, I have a 9 month old terrier sheepdog cross,
he’s a hyper little thing!but recently he’s been getting very quiet and lythargic..
he also doesn’t eat his food!he will leave it there for days!…
he was first on wet food, til the vet said it was bad, so we went from pedigree puppy to a cheaper kind,which he ate but again after awhile he stopped. He’s now back on the pedigree..
I sort of blamed it on him being an active puppy and always being distracted easily
but he got sick last night, and he usualy gets sick looking in the evening..
I also noticed his little rubber toy has been torn apart!maybe he ate some of it?
my the sick just had the dry dog food in it:S

any advice????

Jimmy answers:

It could be the dog food that is making him sick

thst food contains a high amount of corn and commonly gives dogs many problems

try switching to a higher quaility brand that doesnt contain corn, by product or fillers

ex of a good one is wellness puppy food

natural with no corn, by product or fillers

5 star rated brand

i have my dogs on wellness n they love it n never looked better

wellnesspetfood.com for more info and store lcoater

and if u join the mailing club,they send out coupons every month,
and if u call them, they will mail u a free sample and coupon for ur fist purchase

good luck!

Nancy asks…

Best online store to buy dog food?

What is a good online store to buy about 15-20 lbs dry dog food for a small breed senior dog? I have a yorkshire terrier weighing 11 lbs.

I was interested in Flint River Ranch, but that seems to be for medium to large breed dogs which would not be right for my yorky.

Jimmy answers:

Pet Food Direct ,and get coupons for them at http://www.juicycoupons.com/Pet-Supplies/PetFoodDirect-com-Coupons/index.html to save some money

Donald asks…

Types of Dog Food to feed my new dog?

I just adopted a Chi/and whatever else mix.(We think maybe German Shepard or Rott) He’s about a year old and the shelter said he was a stray when they found him but he is too well behaved so my fiancee and I think he was just abandoned.
I was wondering what a good dog food to feed him would be. I have 2 cats and heard nothing but bad reviews on the Science Diet so we switched to Iams for them.
When brought home our dog we stopped at PetSmart to stock up on things and we got a coupon for this new brand called Natures Choice. We went ahead and bought a small bag.
I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about this brand? And if it actually isn’t a good brand what brand would you suggest??

Actually it’s called Nature’s Recipe
(sorry the pup is for my fiancee and a few days after we adopted him I had to leave to go back home which is 8 hours away)
I don’t have the bag right in front of me :D

Jimmy answers:

Do you mean Natural Choice? If so, this is a great food! Things you don’t want in your dog’s food are ground yellow corn (filler and allergen, by-products (heads, feet, intestines, etc.), or any artificial colors or flavors. None of Nutro’s products (i.e. Max, Natural Choice, & Ultra) have any of these ingredients. All of their foods are all natural and have vitamins and minerals added to them to help with your pup’s well being.

If you are not talking about Natural Choice, I would suggest reading the bag and making sure it does not contain any of the ingredients I listed above.

Congrats on your new pup! Enjoy!

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