Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Coupons

Laura asks…

changed my dogs food?

have fed my two dogs nutros, but it has now become to expensive what with the economy. have switched to pedigree. any thoughts on better food thats not so expensive but is good for them. 50 dollars every two weeks to twenty dollars every two weeks is helping but i feel guilty if it is really bad for them.

Jimmy answers:

Taste of the Wild is a great food and it’s pretty cheap in my area, about $1 per pound. I believe the 30 pound bag is around $31 here.
I feed my dog Orijen dry and it’s $35 for 15 and a half pounds. I also every now and then give Taste of the Wild canned and Nature’s Variety Instinct canned. Not sure how much Nature’s Variety Instinct kibble is but if you go to their site they give you an instant $3 off coupon. Use a different email every time and you can get a lot of coupons when needed lol.

If you HAVE to go with the cheap food sold in grocery stores I would go with Purina One Beyond. It’s actually not that bad really when compared to pedigree and there’s tons of coupons for it. It’s one of the few store brands I would feed if I couldn’t afford the high quality food anymore :)

Donald asks…

Am i feeding my dogs good food?

I buy my dogs the 50lb. purina one lamb and rice dog food. Just wondering if its a good brand to buy? People ive talked to around here says it is but i just wanna make sure!!
Well i went to the vet today. She said purina one is fine for them as long as i feed them as directed, because it can cause over weight (i have 3 dogs and one is a english bulldog, prone to overweight) and one has a sensitive stomach, the other is a 6 month old boxer pup SO i have to get a food for 2 of them thats sufficent! My doctor put my dog with the sensitive tummy on Prescription I.D food. and the other 2 she said to feed royal canine.

Jimmy answers:

Its the not worst dog food in the world,,,,theres alot worse BUT its not great eaither

try wellness dog food

its very natural and theres no corn or by product which is a Big NO NO!

And theres coupons all the time for the dog food so give it a try

also if for some reason u cant get wellness

go with solid gold, next best thing

Donna asks…

is nutrience a good brand of dog food?

My puppy is on Nutrience medium breed puppy food. She seems perfectly fine and energetic. We were told by our trainer that Nutrience is a bad brand of food and to switch to the brand that she sells. We did. We properly mixed her food 50/50 old and new for a week before completley switching her. As soon as we switched her completely we could tell that the new food was’nt as good. Oour puppy slept twice as much and just wasnt the same. we switched her back and she is waaay better now. We started researching dog foods and we cant seem to get a solid answer on what is the best. Every food out there has someone saying its bad for dogs. i have a hard time believing that every dog food out there is bad for dogs and that the whole industry is a sham. I just want to know if nutrience is quality or not.

Jimmy answers:

I have never heard of it but there are many GOOD dog foods out there:

I have researched this in depth since my poor dog died of kidney failure due to poor quality dog food!! (this is the only reason I answer these questions … to try and save a dogs life or at least to not let him/her suffer because of bad food)
Fromm Dog Food is Great for dogs and cats …http://www.frommfamily.com/ $42- $45 per 30 lb bag
NO fillers….some good quality grains….NO corn….gluten or by-products or wheatNO BHT, BHA OR ETHOXYQUIN
ALL human grade food….fruits…veggies and probiotics!! WHOLE fruits and veggies!!!! Just like the kind we get at our grocery stores!MEATS ARE DEBONED BY HAND!!!! NOT BY A MACHINE
check it out you wont regret it ! FROMM 4 STAR product line is the best!!!!!!! FROMM is a 100% holistic dog food. FROMM also has a grain-free option called surf & turf

TOTWhttp://www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com/ … has a high protein content (not recommeded for non athletic dogs) Some TOTW choices have lesser amounts of protein.
Taste of the Wild contains Ethoxyquin which is a toxic fish preservative. (TOTW says that the cooking process kills all of it but it scared me away from their product)
around $42 for a 30 lb bag …. Its the cheapest 6 star food ..

Http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/ lots of great dog food choices on this site !!(keep in mind this site rates on high protein and grain free foods)

Here are the best of the best:Fromm, Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Halo, Holistic Blend, Newmans Own Oranics, Wellness,
(all the above mentioned foods have ” ALL LIFE STAGES” formulas)




Orijen and Welness are great but it is $60 – $80 for a 30 lb bag… high protein as well ..not good for non athletic dogs Orijen is WAY to high in protein for a non working/non-agility dog ..
Fromm Is what my puppy gets it has a lower protein % and great ingredients! 5 outta 6 stars due to lower protein (but most dogs should not have high protein levels …. It makes their kidneys work overtime for no reason)
You can get it online and if you go to the website you can find stores near you .. They wont be at walmarts and the like… They are in feed stores .. Agway..tractor supply stores etc

IF your dog is not going to be a hard working/agility dog all this high protein can do more harm than good in the long run,,, you wont notice it now but it can take its toll on a dogs kidneys as it ages.

Http://4healthdogfood.tripod.com/ …
there is also a brand called 4health at the tractor supply store.. It is only $30 for a 35 lb bag.. And it seems to be of good quality. (not as good as the foods mentioned above but it good for the price if you are on a tight budget.)
It is very close in ingredients to the more expensive brands
also if you go to http://www.tractorsupply.com you can get a printable $5 off coupon!!
(they have Blue Buffalo, TOTW and 4Health)

And for those people that still think dogs are wolves and need to be on a RAW diet. Well wolves on average live to be only 8 years old… I personally want my puppy to live much much longer!! Dogs are very different than their wolf ancestors!
They are no longer pure carnivores!! They are omnivores!!
Fruits and veggies along with a limited amount of good quality grains is not only acceptable but it will help your pet thrive well beyond 8 years!!
Since domestication dogs have adapted to a new better way of life that enables them to reach ages that the raw diet wolves never could!

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