Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food For Lymphoma

Sharon asks…

If your dog is sick and will not get better, at what point do you say your going to put him down?

My dog has an enlarged heart. He also has stones which he is on prescription dog food to help him with these. He coughs pretty bad sometimes and it makes me so sad. Other times he get so excited and frisky he runs over and grabs a sock or a toy and shakes it and runs up to me wagging his tail. He is 13 years old. I seen a commercial or a program years ago that has always stuck in my head. They had a camera set up in a room with this little dog inside of a cage. With no one watching, or so he thought, his head was down, his tail between his legs, and he was so sad looking. As soon as someone walked in, his tail started to wag and he was seemingly happy. The commercial was trying to show people that it is sometimes hard to know how bad your pet is really suffering. I do not want my dog to suffer, but I do not want to lose him a minute too soon either. When, and how will I know it will be the right time?
Thank you.
The vet didn’t say anything about putting him down…only about continuing treatment that doesn’t seem to be helping, and only draining our bank account.

Jimmy answers:

This past Sunday I had to euthanize my eleven year old Great Pyrenees. Last August he was diagnosed with lymphoma and given six months to a year. The diagnosis nearly killed me. I brought him home and pampered him for as long as I could. Last Saturday he had problems getting up and down and Sunday morning, I knew it was time. He was with me 24/7. And in January I had to euthanize my fifteen-year-old Cocker. I was not prepared at all. He was fine one day, and critical the next. It is always a hard decision to make, but I loved them both enough not to let them suffer. Grief is the price we all pay for loving something or someone special. Sometimes it is the only loving decision we can make. It is such a shame that loving them hurts so much. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers
Lifelong dog owner and breeder
Horse owner and breeder

Laura asks…

My dog has diarrhea…Help!?

Yesterday, my dog started having diarrhea. I think that it may just be because he had a different brand of food for 3 days during the week (Mon – Wed), and may have even had some cat food. I was visiting my sister’s house, so he was eating whatever kind of food her dog eats. And he had access to her cat’s food, too. It has never been a problem before, but i don’t know if she recently switched dog foods and this one doesn’t agree with him or what. He is back home now and on his regular food. He has had this food for over a month with no problems.

Do you think that it is just the change of food for a few days? And if so, will it go away on its own or will i have to take him to the vet? Even if he does have to go to the vet, it would have to wait until Monday. They close early on Saturdays and are not open Sundays….Is there anything I can do or give him to help clear it up? Thanks!

Oh, and I don’t knoe if this makes any difference, but he is a 20 months old male beagle.

Jimmy answers:

Try this. Make some white rice, minute rice is fine. Boil some chicken and shred it up. Mix it with the rice, nothing else for flavor. If she won’t eat out of a bowl, try getting down on the floor with her and hold the bowl for her. I have a Pyrenees that has lymphoma. About three weeks ago he stopped eating and we thought it was time. I made some rice and chicken and my son sat down on the floor with him and held the bowl for him. Much to our surprise, he ate everything in the bowl. Try fixing chicken and rice and see if she will eat it. Good luck

This is exactly what your vet would recommend.

Susan asks…

Does cancer show up in blood work on dogs?

My dog has been coughing and appears to be labored breathing. We took her to the vet and had her on antibiotics for a couple weeks, thinking it was kennel cough. She got better, then started coughing again and now appears to be breathing heavy. It has been super hot and my other dog is panting a lot also, so we didn’t think much of it. The dog with the cough also has not wanted to eat her dog food, but will beg for people food and gobble up treats. We just figured this was from the heat also as she has done this before and it stopped. Had chest x-rays today and the doctor said there was something going on, possibly cancer. We are running blood and urine work to see what is going on. Will cancer show up in blood work?

Jimmy answers:

It depends on the type of cancer, but most cancers will not show up
on routine blood tests. If a lung lesion is the only evidence you have,
only a biopsy would diagnose it. The dalmatian pictured with me
was the best dog of my life, but I would not biopsy her when she
developed a widespread malignancy. There was no way I would
put Spree through chemotherapy even if it was a lymphoma –
which was my guess. It felt the same as lymphomas in humans,
and it was everywhere. We just kept her comfortable as long as possible.
- – - -
The vet thought it was breast cancer. I admit I did not know that dogs
could develop breast cancer. I have felt metastatic breast cancer many times,
and this felt much more like lymphoma. No point arguing with her vet though.
We were not going to give her chemotherapy no matter what it was.
I never liked giving chemotherapy to people either, but they could speak
for themselves.

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