Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food For Lymphoma

William asks…

My baby has just been diagnosed with Stage V Lymphoma?

I don’t know what to do..or think.
I am going haywire because she could go any day.

She starts Prednisone and antibiotics tomorrow.
I have done my research and it’s not the cancer that kills, it’s the liver and/or kidneys that fails because the immune system is weak.

What can I give her to boost her immune system? Are there any herbs, medicines, foods…anything that would be safe for her and that she would actually eat/take?

Thank you.
I just read that giving her Vitamins C, E, A, B-12, and B-6, Copper and Selenium would greatly help her immune system, and even using the pills for humans would work. Is that true?

Jimmy answers:

I’m so very sorry :(

There are things you can do to help, but this really depends on your particular dog, how your dog responds to the pred and antibiotics and exactly what is going on with your dog. For that reason, you will be best served by your oncologist and a good holistic veterinarian who can work in concert with each other for the purpose of increasing the quality of life for your dog. If you do not have a good holistic vet in your area, please contact www.homevet.com and request a consultation. Dr. Jeff is outstanding.

Good luck!

Carol asks…

Who else has a dog-related wallpaper on their computer?

If possible, link it so we can all see.

This is mine: http://www.sbtfun.com/files/Wallpaper_SBTFun_Gus_Young_h_800_600.jpg

LG: What, if any, food leftovers do your dogs get?

Jimmy answers:

I have a picture of my dog Tanner, he passed away from lymphoma cancer the other night.

In this pic he is sleeping on the couch with my chihuahua, its rare for her to allow him to be this close. Lol

but this one is my favorite, my chihuahua took over his big bed so he tried to squeeze into her little bed! He looks like a hen in a nest. Lmao!

while he was sick, i actually cooked his meals (cancer diet) he got lots of meat like beef or turkey and some veggies that i ended up having to blend together into mush because he would pick them out and leave them everywhere.. I was stepping on cold squishy green beans for a week haha

Ken asks…

Are Shar-Pei’s good puppies I am getting ready to get one and heard they are hard to care for?

Jimmy answers:

I have had several Peibies (still have 1) and there are some real negatives and positives about them. Im not sure what you’ve heard, but here goes-
They are actually very easy as puppies, as they housetrain really easily. Be sure to get it around as many people and dogs as possible, as early as possible. Pei’s can be really defensive about their people, and can be aggressive towards other dogs, so early and frequent socialization is important. That being said, they do make good watch dogs. They dont chew as puppies either.
Negatives- in addition to sometimes being people or animal aggressive, Pei’s have a lot of health issues. Expect to give your Pei a bath every 1-2 weeks to help keep them from developing Shar Pei Skin disease. Expect to clean out their ears every few days, because they have horrible ears. You should get your Pei a good food, but be sure its one with as low of a proitein % as possible, as a high protein diet in Shar Pei’s has been linked with their high chance of having Renal Failure. The average Shar Pei only lives 8-10 years. My first died at age 10 (he had severe arthritus, and lymphoma killed him). I had to have my second one, who was always very healthy, put down at age 6 a few months ago- Renal Failure. My current Pei is also age 6, and she has been on medication for several years for Hypothyroid, and has developed severe glaucoma, which requires about 8 different medications for each eye per day, and she will likely be blind before long regardless. When your Pei gets to be 3 or so, expect your vet bills to run at least $1000 per year, and quite likely more.
They are great dogs that love “their people”. But at the same time, you really do need to go into it with your eyes open. A Pei is really great as a puppy- easy to train, new chewing, loves to pay, but sleeps a lot, loves to go outside on walks but wont demand it, etc. But they really do require a lot of work when they get to be just several years older.
By the way, my wife and I really love the breed. Their personalities just win us over. Instead of buying from a breeder, I highly recommend that you consider adopting a rescued Shar Pei. Their are Shar Pei rescue sites all over the Internet. They are on Petfinder.com, and I personally have gotten our dogs from Wrinkled Rescue and the Kentucky Shar Pei Rescue. Both are great organizations, and I am sure there is one near you too. Consider saving a life if you do decide to get a Pei!

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