Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food For Lymphoma

Ken asks…

Dog’s in the hospital with a high blood calcium level & it’s getting worse. Anyone else experience this?

My 1 1/2 year old Sheltie was drinking a ton of water, having accidents inside the house and not eating his food so we took him to the vet. His blood calcium level was 3.7 instead of 3 or lower, so they put him on IV fluids. But it’s been 2 days and now his level is over 4!

They’ve suspected and now ruled out: Addison’s disease, diabetes, kidney problems.

Now they’re checking his parathyroid to see if it’s overworking. Has anyone else dealt with this?

Jimmy answers:

The condition is called hypercalcemia so you can do some researching on the web. The most common cause is lymphoma.

Mary asks…

Why is my kitten throwing up?

This morning, my grandma said My kitten (Shadow) and my cat Tiger was throwing up. She said Shadow kept making a noise like a baby and then he threw up. Shadow threw up twice not sure on Tiger. The kitten is 5 months old. Tiger is 13 soon to be 14 years old. Why do you think they were both throwing up? Tiger threw up then Shadow threw up after him.

Jimmy answers:

It would help to describe what color and the texture of the cat vomit were.

The yellow liquid is bile–stomach acid. There are many causes of vomiting. The gastrointestinal tract is the stress organ in dogs and cats. The problem may be primarily with the gastrointestinal tract or it can be secondary. There is not much you can do at home since your cat is vomiting–the cat would vomit oral medications or fluids. Causes can be dietary indiscretion, intestinal parasites, liver disease, kidney problems, diabetes, cancer, colitis, and stress. Once a cat starts vomiting it is at risk for dehydration–this causes secondary complications and lethargy. Your cat needs to be examined by a veterinarian, may need blood work and x-rays taken. Treatment may involve supportive care; fluid replacement, and injectable medications.

Usually there will be nothing seriously wrong with your cat. A meal eaten too fast, too much eaten (especially too much dry cat food), nervousness, excitement, hairballs, and stress are among the non-serious situations that can induce your cat to vomit. Cats eat grass; it helps them to throw up hairballs. It is also believed that grass provides felines with roughage and vitamins. Longhaired cats suffer from hairballs more than shorthaired cats, but it can be a problem for all cats.

A fairly common cause of feline vomiting is a cat eating or swallowing something it shouldn’t. Cats are pretty fastidious but sometimes do swallow objects, eat food that does not agree with them or even sample poisonous plants. If you suspect that your feline is vomiting due to nibbling a poisonous plant (or has ingested anything poisonous, antifreeze, slug pellets, medicine intended for humans for example,) contact your vet immediately. Eating onions or a large amount of chocolate can also cause your cat to vomit.

Elderly felines may vomit more frequently as their internal systems start to wear down. This can be due to kidney failure, liver disease, intestinal lymphoma, tumors, thyroid problems, feline heartworm, parasites and other problems. Vomiting puts a strain on an older cat’s system; it uses up energy and causes strain on the muscles and organs. Frequent or unexplained throwing up by your older cat should be look into by your veterinarian. If your elderly cat has lost her teeth she may gulp dry cat food straight down causing indigestion or vomiting of undigested kibble.

Call Your Veterinarian. . .

If there is any sign of blood in the vomit.

As well as vomiting your cat also has diarrhea.

Your cat is vomiting for longer than a day or two, OR has many spates of throwing up in a very short space of time.

You suspect that your feline is vomiting due to sampling a poisonous plant or has ingested something poisonous.

As well as being sick, your cat is lethargic OR unsteady when standing, appears to be in pain, has difficulty breathing.

If you are in any doubt, consult your veterinarian.

Richard asks…

I’m getting a ferret in December are ferrets good pets &………?

& can you name good and bad things about them.Thanks
Do ferrets stink reallly bad?

Jimmy answers:

Ferrets do smell. But I would suggest that if you are resorting to Yahoo answers to wonder about if you want one – don’t plan on getting one.

Visit a shelter near you and see if the smell bothers you. Where are you located? I can help find one you can visit. Trust me, if the smell bothers you, you will know once you visit.

Bad things first: they are like 2 year olds and will eat anything, bite anything and choke on anything. They need constant supervision. They will get themselves into small spaces and always are at risk for killing themselves getting into bad situations. They are expensive to care for and need medical attention after they reach 3 usually in the form of surgery and expensive medications if they do get sick with Adrenal disease or insulinoma, or lymphoma. They are smelly which makes roomates and neighbors not like you. They require a lot of attention and playtime which most people aren’t willing to do. People don’t realize they aren’t like a cat or dog – you can’t just put them in a cage and think they are going to be happy.

Good things: if you can afford to take care of them medically and feed them real ferret food (not cat food)….then they make wonderful pets if you have the time and patience to give them. However they are not all that cuddly, always on the run. They are fun to watch play and to play with.

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