Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food For Lymphoma

Ken asks…

I just had to put my 13 year old Westie to sleep. What will help me cope?

She has been deaf for about 6 months, and just recently she started getting really sick. She had lumps all over her body, but she was still running around and acting like her normal self. The past few months she has been just sleeping and eating. Saturday, she stopped eating her kibble and just ate the wet dog food. Monday, she wouldn’t eat anything unless I fed her bits of egg and chicken by hand, and even then she barely ate anything. Yesterday she stopped drinking. We made an appointment for today at 4 to put her down. I stayed home all day and gave her a nice big 3 hour belly rub and neck massage. I let her lay on my pillow (her favorite thing) and had her all wrapped up in a blanket while they gave her the injection. I am just so incredibly sad. I have never had to deal with a pet dying before. Every time I think about her I start to cry. I have been crying for like 4 days straight because we knew it was coming. The vet said she had Lymphoma. I was just wondering what helps you cope. I know I am going to miss her forever, because she was my best friend. I just want to be able to cope and think about the happy times instead of sobbing at the drop of a hat.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jimmy answers:

You’re so sweet for staying home and doing that stuff for her! I did something similar a little less than a month ago….I took mine to all her favorite places she would chase rabbits and Petsmart, etc. Almost like a trip down memory lane…but only the good memories haha…..My Doc says it takes about 6 months to get over any important loss….it’s just a process that has to unravel itself day by day. Everyone grieves a bit differently, I think most find a few good cries helpful, etc…One of the biggest thing that has helped me was the “Rainbow Bridge Poem” Google it. It’s really touching and gives you something to look forward too….I wish you the best and am very sorry for your loss!

Betty asks…

How old did your Siamese cat live to be?

I have had four Siamese cats…the oldest Chocolate Point lived to be about 16, a Torti Point that died at 14 and a Seal Point that died at only 8 from Lymphoma. I have a Blue Point/Tiger mix right now that’s only a year old. Anyone see the 20 year mark with one of these cats?

Jimmy answers:

Mine was 16 and still catching mice when a dog got him as he was sleeping on my front door step!! He was going a little deaf and hadn’t heard it come up the driveway.

Give em lots of love and attention and try to steer clear of the mass produced cat food. It’s full of nasty stuff that can cause kidney failure. I lost a cat & a dog to kidney failure before finding out about mass produced food. I make my cat & dog food now. Cheaper and not that hard to do. I can make a weeks worth in under an hour and they all just love it.

Maria asks…

How long can a dog go without food?

I woke up this morning, and my dogs were much more anxious than usual for their breakfast, and I realized–that in the hurly burly of daily life–I skipped their dinner. I felt awful, fed them extra, and gave them extra lovin’s before I left for work. On the way here, I wondered how long the average canine can go without food? How about water?

Jimmy answers:

Apparently a long time. I was just at the oncologist’s office for more tests for my Kelsey (avatar dog) who has lymphoma. For her last treatment, 2 weeks ago, she went 4 days without eating. We were freaking out.

Since then, I’ve been feeding her extra for the days when she has Chemo. The vet tech there told me that dogs can go quite a long time without food without serious complications. She said it doesn’t damage their organs or anything.

When I was in New Orleans after Katrina, we found live dogs in homes 4 weeks after the storm. They had no food or fresh water. They were in bad shape – skeletons with Skin but they survived and have thrived.

Scary thought isn’t it?

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