Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Made With Turkey

Sharon asks…

Dog Food Problems??

Hi all i have a 4 month old great dane puppy which is very active but recently he seems to not tolerate canidae lamb and rice he has very mushy stools and horrible gas we actual took him to the pet store today and he let one rip and this poor lady start gagging lol lol it was hilarious. i’m now trying taste of the wild salmon has any one had success with this food are there any other good foods out there that you all can recommend due to my other dog has severe allergy problems and can’t eat grains turkey chicken oats and so on… If this food does not help i’m going to assume there might be something else wrong and have him checked..

Jimmy answers:

Please do NOT feed EVO to a 4 month old Dane (don’t know if you’re considering it, but it has been suggested)

The only grain free foods that I can safely recommend to a giant breed puppy are: Orijen Large Breed Puppy, TOTW Pacific Stream and Orijen Fresh Fish mix.

TOTW Pacific stream is a wonderful food… But the ca:ph ratio is kind of pushing it… But I say as long as the pup’s parents are OFA health clearances and the food works, continue it. TOTW is a wonderful, wonderful food.

It probably would be a good idea to have him checked for parasites. If he’s been eating Canidae lamb and rice and was doing well until recently, I’m willing to bet it isn’t the food.

I feed raw… If you are considering it, I URGE you to do your research. You can do more harm than good… Especially with 4 month old puppy if the raw diet isn’t carefully thought out. If you need any help, please feel free to message me.

Oh, and boo boo…. While I would never feed or recommend Iams, Gravy Train is MUCH worse than Iams. I didn’t even know they still made Gravy Train.

Susan asks…

vet tells me that wet tinned dog food is the best dog food?

Im so confused. My dog has always had wet tinned food, but reading on the internet everyone says its mainly full of water and 4% meat. So I changed her food and give her real beef, steak, turkey, liver and she loves it. eats it all, where her tinned food she use to leave it.

However the vet told me today that what im feeding her isnt giving her goodness and wet tinned dog food is the best and the meat im buying is in tinned food, but even though shes a vet I know shes wrong on that part, the back of tin foods say 4% beef, the meat I now give her is 100% beef

im confused what is best real meats or tinned food?

Jimmy answers:

The dog needs a balance of foods, and while wet tinned foods provide the vitamins needed, it sure isn’t the greatest fro their dental welfare. A good dry kibble provides all the nutrients needed, and allows for better dental health. An all natural, home made diet is fine as well, but you have to be sure they are getting every nutrient needed. Look up “BARF diets”, and learn what it takes to keep your dog healthy in ALL ways.

Nancy asks…

What is best dog food for a husky puppy ?

Jimmy answers:

Innova, Wellness, Merick, Orijen, Blue, Tase of the Wild are all some of the good ones out there.

To find a premium quality dog food, read the ingredients list.
Do not pay attention to advertising, they all claim to be great.
Manufacturers of the poor quality foods are not going to say,
“We use total garbage in our food but buy it anyway.” Also a
point to remember is when a pet food advertises “vet approved”
the company has a vet, on staff, paid to recommend the food.
Not such a good recommendation after all.

Just like with humans, better nutrition means better health.
The better quality your pets food is the better off your pet is.
As a bonus if you use a good quality food that is not made with
fillers your pet will have a smaller, firmer stool.

The very first ingredient in a good quality food will be a specific
meat. It will read: “Chicken”, “Turkey” or “Beef” Not chicken meal,
turkey meal or beef meal. A type of meat, or fish, will be the first
ingredient. No exceptions. If it simply says “Meat” stay clear,
don’t buy it. Meat is not specific.

This is a list of some of the things you should try to avoid.

1 – Corn, in any form (corn, corn meal, corn gluten…etc) should
be avoided. As soon as you see corn in the ingredients list you know
it is not a good food for your pet. Corn is simply a filler, no nutritional
value for your pet. Dogs and cats do not digest corn, it just passes
right through them so your pet gets a larger, stinker stool.
Some dogs are also allergic to corn, it will cause itching and
skin problems.

2 – Wheat, only because it is common for dogs to be allergic
to it. If your dog does not have a wheat allergy, wheat is fine.

3 – By Products. That is what is left over after everything “good”
is removed during processing. It not only contains cow hooves
and horns, fur and feathers and feces it can contain sawdust and dirt
from the floor. By products can also contain diseased tissue,
cancerous tissue. It is anything from the animal not fit for
human consumption. This stuff can sit around for days,
un-refridgerated, waiting for pick up. Frankly, I would not
feed pet food containing by-products to a stray, let alone
my own beloved pets.

4 – “General”, non-specific ingredients, like animal digest and meat
meal should be avoided. You have no way of knowing what they
are and we probably don’t want to know. Look for specific
ingredients like chicken fat or lamb meal. That tells you what it is.

5 – Preservatives such as propylene glycol, BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin
are all cancer causing. Look instead for Mixed tocopherois, a natural

6 – Soy, in any form is another filler and also another ingredient dogs
can have severe allergies too.

7 – Brewer’s yeast. Again, causes problems. Watch out for skin and ear
infections if the food contains this product.

8 – Flax is another ingredient some dogs have a problem with, usually
as a stool softener.

Again, read the ingredients lists. Yes a premium quality food will cost
more than the poor quality ones. Common sense, Meat costs more than
corn. On the other hand, a healthy dog needs less trips to the vet
than one suffering allergies and infections caused by the food being fed.
So find a premium quality dog food and have a healthier dog!

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