Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Made With Turkey

Steven asks…

Is My Dog’s Food Causing This?

I recently switched my Basset Hound’s dog food from EVO’s Red Meat to EVO’s chicken/turkey for a change and ever since I made the switch, his hair has been falling out everywhere and his eyes are all teary and inbetween the pads of his toes, his armpits, and his chest on his skin it’s light pink. He also seems to itch himself more and lightly “nibble” his skin as if it’s itchy. I know many dogs are allergic to chicken so I am wondering if this is the case? Is this a sign of an allergy to the chicken in the dog food or is this due to me living in Canada where it is very cold and is part of what happens to dogs who live in colder climates?

If it is due to food, any suggestions on top quality food that I can switch him to? I love EVO, but like to switch up his food every once in awhile, I was looking at Taste of The Wild and Wysong? Any suggestions? Thanks!
To answer jumping bernese’s question, the only reason I changed his food was for change. The place where I buy his food suggests switching food every couple of months or so, so that your dog has to be constantly adapting to new food, as in the “wild”. However, I think I should have just stayed with his old food. I have a vet appointment this week, so I will get him checked out and see what he says.

Jimmy answers:

Could be the food, yes. Or could be a number of other things:

1) Have the vet check for mange, which can also present in irritated skin and hair loss.

2) Check the house – any new cleaning products? New shampoo, detergent? Pesticides or lawn treatments? Salt from snow plows?

3) Change to a different formula and see if it goes away.

There is also choice of having the vet do an allergy exam, though it’s costly.

Charles asks…

Is declawing a dog possable?

I have a 2 y/o jack russell. He has really bad alergys. I give him benedrill and clairten 2ce a day along with his weekly alergy shots. He still itches real bad and he scratches himself untill he bleads. Then he gets infections. Is it even possable? I have never herd of it befor. Only for cats. Please only searious ancers. I know how mean it sounds. But I can’t be with my dog 24-7 to keep him from ripping his flesh off. I just don’t know what else to do
i have tried to find out what his allergies are i have over 2000.00 in vet bills. he even goes to a dermatologist. he has Special shampoo gets rubbed in olive oil every day for his dry skin from shampoo

Jimmy answers:

Generally speaking, no you can’t get a dog declawed. The better option is to get to the bottom of his allergies. Are they food related? If so, you can try a home made or raw diet made with only a few ingredients.
I have a lot of experience with this, as I came home from work one day and my dog had ripped a giant area of fur and skin from his body out of itchiness. I went to raw diet, and found out he was allergic to chicken and turkey- he doesn’t get that anymore. He can eat beef, lamb, fish, etc and we have no more itching!!
After further research, I have determined that his breed along with vaccination reaction have caused his immune system to have problems, resulting in allergies.

Linda asks…

i got a dog food question? help please…?

ok well ive just switch to innova large breed puppy food… ok today i went to the vet for one of my 6month old mix rottie. well i asked the vet if i made a good choice on switching to innova. and he said no that pedigree is a really good dog food that it has a good amount of everything on it. he also said the reason they don’t sell pedigree on pet stores is because they can make no money out of it… is this true?

Jimmy answers:

You did good switching your dog to a good-quality food. Foods like Iams, Pedigree, Science Diet, Beneful, etc, are horrible-quality foods! Any food that you see on a TV commercial, any food that you can buy at a grocery store or a place like Walmart, and any food your vet recommends, is going to be a poor-quality dog food.

Does your vet sell Pedigree in his office? If so, that could be why he said that, he may just want you to buy from him. However, I am sure your vets not purposely lying to you. You should never take advice from your vet on dog food, unless of course, they are actually recommending a good-quality dog food because that would mean, unlike the majority of vets, that vet really knows about dog food. But, the over-whelming majority of vets know NOTHING about dog food. They only know what they learn in the 1 class that they take on dog food that is taught by a dog food company. They learn what that specific company teaches them, and then they normally end up selling that food in their office. So, it’s not that your vet is meaning to tell you something wrong, that is just what he learned and what he thinks is right.

Again, Innova is a good-quality food, and you were right in switching your dog to that. My husband and I feed our dogs Canidae and my parents feed their dogs Natural Balance. Other than those 2 foods, my top dog foods would be Innova, Wellness Core and Solid Gold. As you obviously know because you switched your dog to a good food, the popular dog food like Iams, Purina, Nutro, Beneful, Science Diet, Ol Roy, etc, are loaded with horrible things like by-products, animal digest (basically animal feces), nasty fillers that dogs can’t even digest like corn, etc! You would be hard pressed to find 1 decent ingredient in most popular dog foods!

Now, Innova Large Breed Puppy food has very good ingredients! As you know, the first 5 ingredients are the most important, and the first 5 ingredients in Innova Large Breed Puppy food are.. Chicken, Chicken Meal, Barley, Brown Rice and Rice. Now, while those are good things, I like to see more meats (especially meat meals) and less grains. I actually like grain free foods for my dogs because dogs don’t naturally eat grains, they just don’t need them. What we feed our dogs is Canidae Grain Free (and it’s an all life stages food, so all of our dogs, puppys and adults, can eat the same food). The first 5 ingredients in that are.. Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Lamb, Potatoes and Peas. So, that does have some more meats in it, and again like I like, more meat meals, but again, Innova is a great food and it’s in my top 5 favorites!

Anyway, I wanted to explain why I like meat meals so much, just in case you don’t know much about that. I, like a lot of people, thought that just meat was better than meat meals, and while just meat is great, after tons of research on different dog foods and what is in them, I learned that meat meals are great! Meat refers to meat prior to cooking and therefore still packed full of water. For example, chicken meat is 70-75% water! It may be listed on the ingredients list as the number one ingredient…but that’s before cooking (and all dog food is cooked). Once the water has been cooked out of it, the meat drops in weight and ceases to be the main ingredient. Meal is fresh meat with the water and fat removed. When meal is cooked it remains about the same weight and doesn’t lose its place in the ingredients list. So, I do like the meat meals a bit better than just the meats, but, yet again, Innoca is a great food, Purina is horrible, you made a great choice! : )

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