Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Made With Turkey

Ruth asks…

What is the famous American food?

Jimmy answers:

Hot dogs are German, apple pie is probably French. Maple syrup and cranberries gained their popularity here and are largely produced here, but are also found in other countries. There are very few foods that were truly invented here, but there are some that were perfected here. For example, many foodies consider pizza to actually be a quintessential American food. It wasn’t invented here, but Americans brought it to a whole new level and are responsible for it’s current popularity. Similarly, Chinese food in the US has taken on a very distinct life of it’s own. Crab rangoon, anyone?

Some foods actually invented in the US: Ice cream cones, jelly beans, coca-cola, tv dinners, onion dip, corn flakes (as well as breakfast cereal in general except for muselix), frozen vegetables, chocolate chip coookies (toll-house cookies) to name a few.

One thing that might be considered a famous American food is turkey. Although we Americans LOVE our turkey, for a very long time it was considered inedible or simply distastefull by most of the west. For early settlers, it was what was available, and the native peoples ate it, so they ate it out of desperation. SInce then it has become an essential component of nearly all American holiday banquets, as well as lunchboxes. Benjamin Franklin actually lobbied to have it made our national bird!

Daniel asks…

What kind of dog food should I buy for a picky eater?

I have a Chihuahua who is currently on the Fresh Pet diet. She eats 3/8th’s of a pound of food a day. Unfortunately, because it is soft food, she is gaining a lot of tartar on her teeth. I want to switch her to kibble so that hear teeth will stay cleaner longer. She recently had Pyometra, so she lost a lot of weight and is still underweight. She weighs about 4.25 pounds, and she’s supposed to weigh 7 pounds. I would prefer she eat a grain free food. She used to eat Iams, but she was always underweight even when she did eat that regularly,so I believe she has a grain allergy. Any suggestions as to what brand and flavor of food she may accept? She likes beef and chicken flavors. Thank you!

Jimmy answers:

Being underweight is not a sign of an allergy, but it may say something about the quality of food being fed. Allergies usually manifest themselves as skin problems and diarrhea.

I recommend Natural Choice Small Breed formula. It is formulated for the needs of small dogs. Small dogs have diferent needs than large dogs, they have smaller mouths which can lead to oral health problems, they expend more energy getting around and they live much longer and benefit from a healthy dose of antioxidants. NC Small Breed is specifically formulated for these needs, a small kibble with a unique shape helps clean teeth and the energy content is a little higher. Plus the first ingredient is chicken which your dog likes :)

If you really want to feed a grain free, Natural Choice also makes a Small Breed Grain free formula. This formula is also made to meet the needs of smaller dogs, but it only comes in Turkey hence I recommended the other one first ;)

ETA: I forgot to mention, you should try feeding Greenies. They are a dental chew that cleans teeth. They are certified by the Veterinary Oral Health Council as being effective at removing plaque and tartar. The soft texture allows the tooth the penetrate the chew all the way to the gum and the plaque is scraped off.

Hope that helps :)

Pet Nutrition Specialist

Thomas asks…

Is this a good home-made Dog food?

She is a golden retriever

Chicken Liver
Chicken Broth
Brown Rice
Tomato Pomace
Cottage Cheese
Hard boiled Eggs
Egg Whites
Crushed Egg shells
Sweet Potatoes
Alfalfa Sprouts
Sunflower Oil

Jimmy answers:

Take out the egg shells, lard, and tomato pomace. Make sure the broth is salt-free. I guess its OK, check with the vet. My mastiff loves tomato’s, fresh.

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