Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Made With Turkey

Linda asks…

What foods/treats can rats have?

What rat food should i buy? I can GO to petco or petsmart… no online ordering plz (shipping price and time)… but i heard they can eat kitten and/or dog food? is this true and if so what brand and lifestage?
Also what fruits, veggies, grains, etc. are safe for them?
AND i heard they can eat/chew dog bones such as Nylabones? Which specific type and flavors? other treat ideas apprieciated (something to maybe wear down teeth?)

btw– i really don’t need any other info such as “you need to get two” or “they need an hour of excersise per day” or “largest cage possible”…
i already know that stuff. but thanx so much 4 your answers!!! : D
also how often 2 feed them fruits and veggies?
c’mon some1 answer!!!!
and 2 the 2nd answerer, actually answer the question. so selfish just earning urself points and not even helping ppl.

2 Tracy <3 Rats, i've visited your website already! ur so lucky u have rats. i dont. yet. lol i'm trying. : / is that cage seriously big enough? :o

Jimmy answers:

They can eat dog food, but i suggest going with food made specially for just rats. Other foods might have corn, alfalfa, etc. In them, and could hurt the rat. I suggest mazuri rat food. It is very good and it is lab blocks. Its a bit expensive, but very good. Because it is the lab blocks though, i suggest getting the rats some yummy treats to go along with it; liven up their diet. Try watermelon or peas :)

go to http://onemillionrats.weebly.com. It is my website and i have listed alot of foods, and websites for even more help.

If you want something to wear down their teeth, get cheese chews. They are great, and the rats love them.

I give mine fruits and veggies everyday. You should never give your rats a mixed seeds diet because it had foods in there that are very harmful (corn, alfalfa, etc). But because of this, like i had said you need to liven up their diet. I suggest watermelon, strawberry, or peas. Bananas are good too. You can give orange to females but not to males. They also like tukey, but only give them turkey once a month because it is raw. If it is cooked, then it is perfectly fine for them (unless it has seasonings, etc on it). I have no clue if they can eat dogbones, but my guess is yes. If you arent sure google it, or just try it. It shouldnt hurt them unless it has harmful chemicals in it or the foods listed on my website.

Good luck and i hope your rats are gonna be healthy! :)

PS: rats also love strawberry yogurt chips! :)

John asks…

Post Thanksgiving Food?

This is a random question. Are you still eating turkey and sides? Or are you really craving pizza or Chinese takeout?

We’re having Chinese tonight.

Jimmy answers:

My turkey ended up finishing 1 1/2 hours early, so nobody got to eat any of the appetizers I made! I put the turkey in at 8:00, thinking it would take around 5 hours, like the package said, and when I went to check on it at 11:30, the darn thing was done! I didn’t even have my potatoes cooked yet, so my husband and I were scrambling around in the kitchen, trying to finish everything while the turkey was resting. So for this reason, we still have lots of food left… Including turkey. My son came home from school and I gave him a leg and other food to last him a couple of days, and I threw out the wings since nobody would eat them. My brother in law ate a thigh and he didn’t want the other one, so I threw that out too. I ate the other leg last night before I went to my sister’s house to dog sit. So that leaves us with some breast meat left. Tonight I’m making turkey pot pie and tomorrow I’m planning on open faced turkey sandwiches if there’s enough turkey left. I’ll probably throw out any food that we haven’t eaten by then because you can only eat stuffing for so long without getting so sick of it!

Jenny asks…

Hot Dog’s Anyone?

When you go shopping for food and buy hot dogs, do you get all beef weiners or chicken, beef, pork, turkey? Myself I buy all beef. Why? have you ever read the back of a pack of hot dogs? Something about Mechanically seperated chicken that makes me gag. lol Let me know about your weiners

Jimmy answers:

All Beef!
Anything else is made of snouts and assholes!

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