Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Made With Turkey

James asks…

My dog with cancer won’t gain weight?

She won’t eat dog food anymore so I have made her some treats with raw oatmeal, bacon, turkey, milk, tuna, eggs, and one bouillon cube all baked together. She inhales those. Is that all she needs? It has plenty of protein. She is currently about 15lbs underweight. (Liver or spleen cancer) Will this and little exercise cause her to put the weight back on?

Jimmy answers:

Unfortunately the weight loss is called Cachexia. It is a bad sign, that the dog is in the latter stage(s) of cancer. You can try to add high protein snacks to help along with moderate fat. Most diets for dogs with cancer strongly recommend you feed little to NO carbohyrates, becasue they digest into SUGAR – which FEEDS cancer cells. Protein and fat do NOT feed cancer cells. See info links below, FMI.

William asks…


chelsea that is the most ignorant thing i have ever heard. dumb a**

Jimmy answers:

Yes! I feed my dogs and cats a diet of raw meat, meaty bones and organs and would never go back to commercial food. Don’t waste your money on pre-made raw – most of these contain too many bones, vegetables etc anyway. Instead make friends with your local butcher, check out the superrmarket for marked down meats, visit ‘ethnic’ delis and markets for those more unusual foods – chicken feet, tongue etc. If you know anyone that hunts then fantastic!!!

Make sure you do your research as it is not just a matter of feeding raw meat. You should be aiming to feed about 2/3 muscle meat (including heart) and the remaining third a combination of meaty bones and organs/offal. If you think in the approximate ratio of 80:10:10 (meat:bone:offal) over the course of a week or two then your dog will be getting the food he needs to be fit and healthy.

Work Wonders by Dr Tom Lonsdale is a great book and will help you in your ‘raw’ journey.

Jenny asks…

question about pet food?

is it just me or does it seem that animals fed a healthy premium food diet die quicker than ones that eat “junk” food? i had a dog that ate natural balance, organic, allergy free and died at 9 from heart failure. and i had another dog that ate kibbles and bits, moist and meaty, and butcher’s blend and died at 19!!! i have heard of people with cats who feed them 9 lives or the walmart/dollar tree brand and they are 20, others feed raw diet or some organic, premium food from a vet or boutique and die much earlier. what is the deal? do all those preservatives in “grocery” food preserve them or something? lol. thats like a vegan living longer than someone who eats taco bell everyday. what’s the deal? should i save my $ and feed my cat walmart’s cat food cause it’ll live longer than if i feed it wellness or halo?

Jimmy answers:

I use to feed my dogs many many years ago Purina Com n get it..My sheherd and border collie lived to be 14 and 13 yrs.My cats were fed Cat chow and lived to be 18 and no health problems.But with all the pet food scares and all that I know today how pet food is made I could never in a million years feed that to my dogs now.They only get Halo pet food and I make a up a turkey stew for them.They get carrots and an Organic cereal for treats.Today we have much more knowledge and a lot of better quality foods to not know better..

Add your the first one that I ever saw mention Halo..a very expensive food but a very very good food

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