Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Recall

Ruth asks…

How do you look up which dry dog foods were recalled?

I know that a lot of pet food has been recalled but I recently heard that there were some dry food recalled and apparently some hadn’t been pulled from shelves yet. Does anyone know if nutro max dry food for cats and dogs have been recalled?

Jimmy answers:

Nutro max dry food has not been recalled.
The latest dry foods are Natural Balance Venison & Rice, both the dog and cat dry food and the dog canned.
This time it is rice protein concentrate that is making pets sick. Turns out it also is from China and has melanine in it just like the wheat gluten.

Daniel asks…

What are the names of the dog foods being recalled?

Jimmy answers:

The dog food thats being recalled is the wet food “bits and gravy” from different marks, you can most likely return it for a full discount where you bought it.

Steven asks…

Pet food recall?

Is there a new one? What are all the brands recalled, when were they maunufactored and how do you know if your pet food is recalled.
Thanks a lot!

Jimmy answers:

My dog was just diagnosed tonight with kidney failure. At this point, we don’t know a whole lot, but all signs are pointing to her food….she is 6 years old and has been completely healthy up until this point. She has been fed Alpo canned wet food for the majority of her life and it contains the wheat gluten, the ingredient specified in the recall. I won’t find out much more about her condition until tomorrow (3/24) but given the research I have done regarding the alpo brand food, I advise all pet owners to discontinue using this brand. For those who have been affected and use the alpo brand, don’t discard the unused cans, save them for future analyzation, especially if the brand ends up being recalled in the near future. My vet knew that she did not have recalled food but insisted running tests simply because she ate wet food in general. At this point, I fully intend to take action against these companies who seemingly still have tainted food on their shelves and I will try contacting the FDA since this particular brand is not on the recall list at this point.

I really hope this helps because I don’t want any other pet owners to suffer from the pain and anger that I am feeling right now.

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