Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Recall

David asks…

What dog foods So Far have been recalled?

Okay so My mom doesnt want to give my dog dog food because many of them have been recalled. ( we feed him human food ) So my question is what dog foods So Far have been Recallled ??? & why ? ( if u know )
Has Pedigree been recalled?? Or Beneful ? Also is Canned Or Bag Dog food better ??
Has Pedigree been recalled?? Or Beneful ? Also is Canned Or Bag Dog food better ??

Jimmy answers:

Many foods have been recalled, but then again many foods made for human consumption regularly get recalled as well.

Depending upon what “human food” you are feeding him, the diet you are doing could be more detrimental to his health than a food specially formulated for dogs just because it ~might~ have a problem.

Most of the higher range foods have been subjected to recalls as well, but you have to look at the reasons why. Orijen, for example, was recalled in Australia because of irradiation. BUT the food was irradiated by the Australian government because they felt the cooking temperatures were not high enough to meet their import regulations. The recall was hardly Orijen’s fault. They don’t routinely irradiate their food. If you read through their FAQ, they are one of the few companies that doesn’t import in most of it’s ingredients. They locally grow most everything so they know where it comes from.

There will always be risks of anything you consume, touch, smell, breathe, etc…sometimes you just have to roll with it or you will stress out over nothing.

ETA: Pedigree was recalled due to possible Salmonella contamination and beneful for insect infestation. Both are REALLY crappy foods though.

I prefer dry food with my dogs. If you are looking for a good food, you should go for one with no corn, wheat or soy and meat as the first ingredient. Some brands to look into: Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Orijen, Acana. Some good brands on a lower budget; Kirkland (costco brand), Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul.

Sandy asks…

Dog food recall?

Has dry food been added to the recent recall? I was looking into BLUE dog food sold in Petsmart, has anyone used this food? What do you recommend?

Jimmy answers:

The only foods that have been recalled are those that include wheat gluten! I have not heard of that food, but you can make a safe bet with Science Diet or Eukanuba dry food! Call your vet, they should be able to direct you..

Only dry recalled foods are Hills MD cat food
and any with wheat gluten..as a safety precaution

Mark asks…

Is Kirkland dog food safe since the recall?

I just got a new puppy and wanted to switch his dog food because what he is currently eating is out of my price range. I would like to use the Costco brand dog food, because the ingredients are of better quality than anything at Target or the grocery store. I am wary of doing so, though, because of their recall last year and because of all of the poor reviews that resulted.

Is it safe now?

Jimmy answers:

The costco brand food isn’t much better than the garbage you’ll find at walmart or target to be honest. You should do everything you can to keep him on whatever high quality food he’s on now…it WILL prevent vet bills later on since the cheaper foods simply DON’T provide the nutrition your dog needs. If you absolutely must switch food, try purina pro plan. It isn’t the top quality food, but it is a LOT better than grocery store garbage, and certainly better than a food with a track record of recalls. You can find it at petco and petsmart. I agree with the other person who is recommending the store card…the discounts DO add up! :)

Honestly, why are you even RISKING it? Your puppy CAN die if it isn’t safe. Please listen to me and the other person and try some of the mid-range dog foods. You are doing wrong by your dog if you can not bother to feed them actual nutritious food…there is a REASON the breeder fed your puppies what it’s eating now. And btw, it would probably be easier to recommend specific brands if you tell us what kind of food he’s currently on.

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