Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Recall

Chris asks…

What can I feed my dog and a pup if not dog food, with the recall of so many pet foods I?

Many brands of dog food are on recall for contamination. Until I am sure it is all safe what home foods will provide good nutrition for my dogs?

Jimmy answers:

Here is a list of what is safe, for now,


here is an updated list from the fda on what is not


when i was a child, we had a puppy, feed him what we ate, he lived to 20 years old, but here are some good links for what to feed…

Joseph asks…

Where can I find a dog food not affected by the recall?

I won’t mention any brand names as I don’t want to get a warning, but I currently have my dogs on a food that is made by a company that has other types of dog food on the recall list. Everyday the list gets bigger and I am at a loss. I give my dogs a very high quality, expensive food as one of them had cancer and I will not feed them junk. Anyway, I have done alot of research, and every company that I can find has one or more types of food of the recall and I’m not comfortable even buying one of their “safe” products. If it is all made in the same factory there has to be cross contamination.

Even if the brand is OK, parent companies have had recalls. Does anyone know of a brand that is safe and made 100% in the USA? Please help, I don’t know what to do!!!

Jimmy answers:

Check out the Canidae


George asks…

Is this rat poison/ cat and dog food recall a conspiracy?

to get rid off the over population of pets. Even animal shelters are so full. I don’t understand how the rat poison could have worked it’s way into all of these seperate companies. and now to think there are 2 more major companies where the names won’t be released. How can this be? Something is very wrong here. Please tell me your thoughts on this topic.

Jimmy answers:

You know that occured to me too. Some maniac goes around contaminating pet food to “make room” for all the cats and dogs presently in shelters. A pet owner whose pet dies is more than likely to go out and immediately try to assuage his grief by getting another pet – from the shelters.

But then again, it is more likely that Chinese farmers and distributors, motivated by greed, genetically engineered their wheat so that it would contain more protein. Melamine is a protein (so I read) and the substance could have synthesized within the wheat plant itself.

This all the more reason why we should all seriously consider going “organic.”

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