Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Recipes For Yorkies

Mandy asks…

What do we feed our precious pets when the recall list keeps getting longer?

A Yorkie named Pebbles is the latest victim from Alpo wet food. From her photo she looked like a real sweetpea. I have 2 Yorkies myself so I can relate. Rest in peace baby.

Jimmy answers:

It’s so sad and just unbelievable! But people never really knew what they were feeding their dogs. I cook for my babies now


i just surfing the web for some recipes i like this site but i know I’m never giving my dogs big industry brand foods ever again

Sharon asks…

Do you have a rabbit and a dog?

If you had your dog before you got your rabbit, I’d like to know how you introduced the rabbit to your dog, particularly if your dog is a hunting breed.

I have been thinking about getting a rabbit for a while now, but my biggest concern is how my yorkie would react to it, since they were meant to be a rodenting breed. When we go for walks, she does tend to chase small animals, like squirrels and crows, but I am wondering what would be the best way to train that out of her so she might be able to accept living with a rabbit. I know it is possible since I have seen yorkies living peacefully with rabbits, I’m just not sure about the how.

I cannot clicker train her, since she has always been afraid of the noise. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Thanks for all the answers! And she is older now, she is 11, and has also mellowed out a bit.

Jimmy answers:

I would not just throw them together, especially around food. If you do any kind of research into dog behavior, that can be a recipe for disaster.

I have a miniature dachshund who also chases squirrels, but didn’t bother our rabbit when it was let loose in the house for exercise. Take it very slowly. Let your dog see the rabbit while it is safely in its cage. If she watches it intently, it might not be a good idea to ever let them interact. Training is good, but it can not erase an animals instincts. Given the proper conditions, one or both animals may react unexpectedly.

Don’t try to introduce them unless you are sure she is not interested, or only mildly interested, in the rabbit.

Carol asks…

Which Would Be Better?

I want to know what would be better for a 6 week yorkie.
Canned or Bagged dog food
And what brand

Jimmy answers:

Dry Dog food would be better because it also keeps the puppy’s teeth clean.
A good brand is Science Diet and Iams, Natures Recipe, Eukanuba. There are special brands of Dog food for little dogs and also especially for Yorkies.
Here is a good website about Yorkie care


Blue Buffalo is a good food, all natural.

@Conte: to suggest that all dog brands are made by the same supplier is ridiculous.

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