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Ken asks…

Blue Buffalo dog food…price and reviews?

Hi! I’ve seen those Blue Buffalo dog food ads on TV and never really paid attention to them until one day, I decided to at least look at it (I was bored.) They didn’t have Kibbles n Bits on the True Blue Test, so I looked it up myself.
I couldn’t believe I never thought to even think about what was in that dog food!! It’s gross!!
So my boyfriend and I decided to try Blue dog food, since it’s so much better. I can’t find a price online, so I was wondering for anyone who uses this brand, what the cost is and what kind of results it has on your dog!

Please be detailed. I’m wanting to know if it’s good and how much you spend on it. :)
We live in a small town. The nearest Petsmart/Petco is an hour away. :)

Jimmy answers:

They sell it at Tractor Supply and the Petsmart near where I live (Fayetteville, NC)
I buy Taste of the Wild, its a bit more expensive but its my preference, Blue Buffalo is an AWESOME dog food though, it cost about 32 dollars for a 30 pound bag (this is an estimate)
Unlike other dog foods, there is more GOOD stuff in it, so a dog will actually need to eat less of a better brand than one of the cheaper ones.

While I dont use Blue Buffalo, I have noticed a significant change in my dogs since switching to Taste of the Wild (both are holistic, no grains or wheat, no food coloring and food is all human grade… No by products)
both of their coats are better, my pomeranian, who has food allergies, has stopped scratching, and my Pit farts less (YEAH!!!!) lol, both of my dogs LOVE the way it taste, they do not poop as much (less is going to waste)

Switching to a holistic dog food is an awesome choice, but know this foo is a LOT LOT LOT richer than what you have been feeding your dog, both of my dogs had BAD gas during the process of switching over and my Pit has some diarrhea the first day I started the process of switching, make sure to go slow, there should be instructions on the back on how to switch your dogs food over
Good luck!!!

Ruth asks…

Would like positive and negative reviews on Orijen dog and Cat food?

Jimmy answers:

I would consider their dog food to be great and the cat food is decent, but, it’s a shame they only produce dry foods..
Cat’s are obligate carnivores, so the potato added to their dry cat food doesn’t do a cat any good. Because cats would’ve gotten most of their water needs met by eating whole prey, they just aren’t programmed to drink enough water.. Canned food or raw is much better for cats then any kibble..
Here’s a good article to read through on the subject..


Particularly scroll down to the subheading “Water”.

Other then that though, the dog food looks good..

Susan asks…

DOG FOOD… what do you think?

I’ve been researching a lot about dog food since i got my puppy. it is unbelieveable the difference in quality between brands. and those brands like prescription diet and pedigree that seem so great actually have such bad quality ingredients… who knew! what do you think of dog food? do you feed your dog holistic food or specially prepared meals? has anyone noticed any great improvements in their pets from switching to a holistic food? for all those who never gave their dog food a second thought, you should! and check out this great site that offers ratings on pratically every dog food on the market!


p.s and for all those who think healthier food is more expensive, it really isn’t! i just bought a 4lb bag of wellness for just under $20 and that will last my pup a good 2 months! definately worth it :)

Jimmy answers:

Yeah, it is unbelievable to see the ingredients in the lower quality foods like Pedigree and Purina.

Wellness is a great food to use. I use Innova. Canidae is also very good.

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