Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Sauce

Ken asks…

What food is appropriate for a high school graduation party?

I am having a high school graduation party on Friday, I am still trying to plan a menu, which foods is appropriate, including the main dish, sides, and desserts? I am thinking about these hamburger and sasuage sandwhiches, (they have both mixed in) my family makes these, but I need some ideas for sides and desserts especially. Help please!

Jimmy answers:

If you’re spending the day preparing for the graduation, you won’t want to devote too much time to a fancy party. Keep the party (and the cleanup) simple and fun with a big buffet of mini-size food.

Think mini pizzas, mini burgers, mini hot dogs, stuffed mushroom caps, even shrimp cocktails (just fill small cups with cocktail sauce and place three or four cold shrimp around the edge of the cup).

For appetizers, put out crudités with assorted dips (hummus, onion dip, ranch dressing), and offer trays of assorted cupcakes for dessert. If you’re feeling especially creative, tie a licorice lace around a cannoli to create your own edible diploma.

The Graduate

• juice of 1/2 lime, freshly squeezed
• 1/2 oz amaretto almond liqueur
• 1 1/2 oz Southern Comfort® peach liqueur
• 1 oz pineapple juice

Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Add ice. Shake, then strain into a shot glass.

Non-Alcoholic – Sparkling cider, fruit-flavored sparkling water

Paul asks…

What kind of food can you cook over a fire?

Other than Hot dogs and hamburgers, like main dishes.
We can’t bring things like chicken, health reasons, we’re too young to make sure we care for it all.

Jimmy answers:

If you have the right cookware, you can cook most things over a fire.

The obvious items are anything that you can grill can be cooked over a fire. For me that would be hot dogs, hamburgs, sausage, kielbasa, chicken, pork tenderloin, porkchops, shrimp, whole fish, vegetables like zucchini, onions, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant

If you have a pie iron (great investment for camping), you can make sandwiches like hot pockets (but better). Just need some bread and some fillings like sauce and cheese, cherry pie filling, eggs and bacon,

I also have a dutch oven that I use when camping. I hang it over a fire on a tripod and make stews, chili, breads, soups….etc

James asks…

What is the cheapest, most filling food/meal?

Im going to college soon, and money is going to be VERY tight. I eat A LOT so does anybody have tips on what food is cheapest? I’m not talking about regular meals, but something to snack on
in- between meals and mid night snacks
Check that, include regular meals, but I’d like to avoid fast food joints as miuch as possible :)

Jimmy answers:

Top Ramen is very cheap, watch for sales. You will need some fruit, a veggie, and some more protein to make it a balanced meal. I eat peanut butter and crackers with it.

Hot dogs[I paid $.68 at one store for a package] served on bread, or I eat them with some cheese and some mayo, or just mustard. Cube them up into eggs for an omelet.

Watch sales on ground beef, I get Hamburger helper for a dollar.

Cheap stuff:
watch for sales on lettuce, it is a dollar here today
canned veggies are cheap
store brand soup
store brand saltine crackers
bread is cheap
Bologna I paid $.99 for a pound
Mustard is $.88 here
I buy Tampico brand of juice. It is cheap, and often on sale
Spaghetti sauce, I paid $1, and boxed spaghetti. Make garlic bread form leftover loaf bread, stir Some margarine and garlic powder together and bake, turn once.
Day old bakery items can be cheaper
Banquet meals in the rectangular pan in the frozen foods. $2.50, and I love the broccoli and chicken and rice one.
Banquet pot pies, or the store brand at the cheap grocery.
Peanut butter

shop as much as you can at discount grocery stores, but watch them, sometimes the expensive grocery at the edge of our town is cheaper on certain things, like bread.
And watch grocery circulars, or go online to see what is cheap.

Some of my favorite snack foods are toast with cinnamon and sugar.
Graham crackers with frosting in between the two squares.
Bread with peanut butter and jelly
toasted cheese sandwich and cream of tomato soup.

And last, go to Kraft foods online, they have cheap and good snacks and recipes, nothing is too expensive.

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