Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Sauce

William asks…

I’m finding it hard to feed my 2 month old puppy,what is the proper way of feeding her?

She’s a mixed breed of Shih tzu and Japanese spitz.
I’ve introduced her to 2 kinds of dog food already. She doesn’t like it without the chicken chunks with sauce but I can’t keep feeding her that because it’s expensive.

Jimmy answers:

Okay, it’s worrisome that you have a dog that will be maybe 20 pounds and you are unable to afford chicken chunks in sauce. A good method for choosing and feeding commercial dog food is this:
Feeding Commercial Dog Food
Choose a high quality food by going to a pet supply or feed store and reading the labels. Remember “high five” or “give me five” as you read. The first five ingredients should be meats and vegetables and grains (unless your dog is itchy or chews himself, then go to a grain-free food). The very first ingredient is a meat. A second meat in the top five is very good. (Thanks to The Whole Dog Journal.)
Not in the top five ingredients is any by-product, corn, wheat, or soy. A by-product is usually very low quality, such as chicken by-products are the feet, beak, and feathers. Not much nutrition there! Corn, wheat, and soy are cheap fillers and not easily metabolized by the dog.
Use the package feeding guidelines to measure the daily amount of food for your dog’s weight. Divide that measured amount into separate meals. Puppies up to 10 or 12 weeks need four meals per day. Older puppies need three meals per day until they are adolescents and stop growing taller. Then the adult dogs can be fed in two meals per day for life.
At each meal, put the measured amount of food in his dish and add a spoonful or two of warm water to enhance the aroma. Call the dog over and let him eat. In fifteen minutes or when he has cleaned the dish, whichever comes first, take up the dish. He gets no other treats or snacks until the next meal. Training treats can be pieces of his regular kibble.
This should create a healthy, eager eater.

Sandy asks…

I usually feed my pet rat people food, but should I feed him something else?

The pet store that I got him at told me that I could feed him anything from table scraps to cat and dog food. Is there anythign else I should feed him that is a little bit healthier? He’s been acting lethargic lately so I thought that maybe he was sick.

Jimmy answers:

Cat food has way too much protein- at 30% and isn’t any good for your rats liver or overall health. May also cause protein scabs.
I feed my rats dog food, which is around 18% protein. I supplement with treats, and some table food, but treats and table food should not make up more than 15% of your rats
total diet. I also include fresh veggies, and whole grain pasta, cooked with a bit of tomato sauce and low fat cereals such as cheerios, and special k.
You can also buy lab blocks specifically formulated for pet rats- Stay away from mixes, unless the entire bowl of food is eaten the diet is incomplete. Dried corn may cause cancer in rats. Alfalfa is a common filler in mixes, but rats simply cannot digest it, and will not consume it.
If your rat is a male keep in mind that males calm down at around 4 months old, and become lap rats.
If you are unsure of your pets health at any time, seek a vet who is experienced with exotic animals-
Does your rat have another same sex ratty playmate? Rats housed alone without the company of another rat may become depressed- consider purchasing a friend for your rat!
Visit my home page-


Good luck.

Nancy asks…

What happens when you feed a bird dogfood?

I have two birds buddy and sunset (parkeets) and I wanna know if I can feed them dog food and if they will still live because I am out of bird seed…and they need to eat…

Jimmy answers:

If you crunch or grind up kibble (dry food) it could be used for emergency rations. Just my opinion but allot of dog food is contaminated w weird bacteria. The dogs gut can usually handle it but a birds immune system is much more delicate than most dog’s. This fact makes dog food a poor choice. Regardless, the birds may decide not to eat it, birds are notorious for being reluctant to eat new or strange (to them) foods. Better to offer cooked pasta, rice or beans (no fat or salt added). Cheerios, shredded wheat or any non-sugary cereal is okay. Bits of chicken, turkey (rinse any sauce) or canned tuna will work as well. Veggies, fruit, scrambled or hard boiled egg (egg is excellent), put a piece of bread in the cage. Do you keep jarred human baby food in the house? Meat, fruit or veggies for human babies is suitable. These foods may be ignored by the birds but it’s still better for them. These & other foods are eaten by my birds regularly.

It is never okay to run out of the seed mix your pet birds rely on. It is forgivable one time. If this isn’t the first time or if it happens again that means you don’t have time to care for your pets. Here’s what I would suggest: Freeze a pound of seed mix or a package of spray millet (or both). Then don’t think about it. This is emergency use only. You get too sick to go to the store for a few days just when you run low on seed, you get snowed in & you’re nearly our of seed, kidnappers hold you hostage in your house, terrorist attack, whatever. Keep emergency food for your pets!!! Dogs too.

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