Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Sauce

Thomas asks…

What are some things that you are doing to help save some extra money?

I have started cutting coupons cutting my grocery bills in half every week. I reuse things, such as when my dog food bag is empty, I also use it as a trash bag, lol. I have been trying to keep the AC off & the windows open.
What are something that you do to try & save a penny?

Jimmy answers:

1. I called my electric company and we have a time of use plan, which means I can chose 7 am to 7 pm or 7 pm to 7 am as my time of use where i get charged only .06 cents per unit of electricity. I chose 7 pm to 7 am since we are all home at those time and use a lot of electricty then. During 7 am to 7 pm electricity is .20 per unit so I am careful to save electricty then. I use the dishwasher, washing machine, and take showers (use of hot water heater) at night.

2. Put window film on my windows to keep the sun out.

3. I get shampoo, bodywash, bar soap, toothpaste, pain relievers, shaving gel, creme rinse,for free. I do this using the register rewards and extra bucks at walgreens and CVS. Just buy the products and get that money back from the store to buy something else in the store.

4. I gather all the local grocery store ads and they all have instore coupons for 1/2 price each item or less. I recently got a 4 pack double roll TP, 2 large bottles of heinze ketchup, 2 bottles of sweet ray bbq sauce, 1 pack of hot dog buns, 1 pack of hamburger buns, 2 boxes of 12 each popsicles (name brand), 9 packets of kool-aid, 2 containers of sour cream, all for 13.00 which was a 10.00 savings. I am lucky to live close to all the stores and run around to all the stores having sales. One store last week had gallon milk for 1.69 and you can freeze milk.

5. I rent movies only at the redbox dispenser at the store and there is one at the walgreens too. They release all the latest DVDs just as any other video store does. The cost is 1.00 a night compared to 2.99 at the local video store and 3.99 from the cable on demand. Also they always have sales like this summer free movies first monday of the month.

6. Put a jacket around my water heater.
7. Changed my bulbs.
8. Put a motion detection bulb in my garage because we kept leaving that light on.
9. Match store sales with manufacture coupons from the sunday paper. A store can have a sale for an item for .99 cents and you usually will have a coupon for 1.00 off so you get it free. Or find stores that double coupons which is better. Get lots of food free or reduced b y using coupons and store sales.
10. I buy scented disposable diaper bags from the dollar store and use them as doggie bags. Really cheap. 100 for 1.00.
11. I needed some baskets for organization. I got them at the goodwill for next to nothing.
12. I sold a lot of stuff I have not used in years on Craig’s list.
13. I bought a desk I needed on Craig’s list.
14. I rarely buy stamps, envelopes or money orders. I do online banking and save money and time.


Maria asks…

What do I do with Soup Bones and Boiling Beefs?

My mother got me a 1/4 beef for my birthday this year, included were several “soup bones” and “boiling beef”s. What the heck are these? From the look of it…. soup bones appear to be a cow’s neck… 3 vertebrae connected with skin… not something I’d want to make a soup out of. The “boiling beef” is….. very thick fat, with several very thin, very white very small bones, and a flat, thick, dark bone in the center… if I had to guess, I’d say it’s from the sternum with rib tips on it…. But… what am I supposed to do with these? My first inclination was “dog food.” But that seems a waste. I’m using these for stock, but is there anything more I can do with them?

Jimmy answers:

Make stock with them,

roast the bones in a 400 degree oven untill they are toasty, and let them cool a little

put the bones in enough water to cover them

add celery, onions, and carrots, black pepper, and a little thyme and fresh parsely stems

gently simmer for 6 – 8 hours, do not boil them!

Use a ladel to skim off the fat and any skum that floats up
don’t stir it!

Strain ot all the bones and veg, give those to your dog.

Use the resulting liquid for soups and sauces, or simmer it down further untill it forms a thick gelatine for sauce

Michael asks…

What are some things that should and should not be in dog food for toy breeds?

Especially Maltese. What are some things that should be in my Maltese’s meal. And what is the percentage of it. And can I feed my dogs with human’s food like rice and chicken and fried eggs like how we eat.

Jimmy answers:

Check the top six ingredients of whatever kibble you feed. The top six ingredients are what makes the dog food.

Now, dogs are carnivores. Sooo, there should be named meats or meat meals in that top six list. Never feed anything with an unnamed meat source (like “meat and bone meal”) because, well, let’s just say you don’t want to know what it really is. By-products are to be avoided because they are parts of animals that hold no nutritional value (hooves, fur, etc.) Grains and veggies are okay to see so long as they don’t outnumber the meat content and providing they are QUALITY – corn and filler grains (like brewers rice) are NOT okay.

You also don’t want to see food dye as it’s unneeded and can cause issues in some dogs. You want to be careful about the preservatives that are used because some have been linked to cancer causing agents.

As for human food… Providing your dog is getting enough nutrients in the kibble (IE you don’t feed JUST human food) then some things are okay to feed as the occasional snack or treat. Whole grain rice is okay. Eggs are okay (providing they are plain.) Vegetables like carrots and apples are okay. Boiled meats are okay.

You do not want sugar, spices, or a ton of fat. You do not want to feed anything that has been “spiced up” with sauces or condiments. No salt, either. Some things are downright poisonous: chocolate, raisins, grapes, alcohol, etc etc.

You can also choose to feed raw (IE raw meat, bones, organs, etc).



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