Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Sauce

Susan asks…

Bleh most discusting food at a restaurant?

There was this place that was new in town so me and my dad wanted to try it so we ordered pizza. Its had 32486329463785638658346583465 galloons of sauce on it and the sauce tasted like tomato flavored dog food AH. Share you’re worst restaurant exprience.
ahah well the sauce smelled like dog food ha i have 3 dogs

Jimmy answers:

need i say more ?? O_o

Thomas asks…

What’s a good ‘people’ food to feed a puppy/dog?

My dog is not eating his dog food so i was thinking that i should feed him a LITTLE bit of ‘people/human’ food. Any ideas?? PLZ HELP

Jimmy answers:

Instead of feeding him people food, mix some cheese or a little bit of meat sauce into his food. DOn’t just leave it at the top though. I will mix raw eggs in sometimes as it is a good source of protein. To keep his coat healthy, you can also add a little olive oil . All of these make the dog happy, in my case, to eat the food. Don’t put all of them in, but maybe one or two, and keep it constant so he won’t get diarrhea. Egg keeps both his coat shiny and him happy. The olive oil and cheese does the same thing. However, the egg is harder to east just that, while the cheese is easy to pick out. You could also get some wet food and add it into his normal food, just a little bit, and some water, so then it gets good and mixed. One of my dogs prefers: 1/8 cup wet food + 2 scoops dry food + 1 tbsp. Water. Another prefers: 2 scoops of dry food + 1 raw egg. The third one loves: handful of cheese + 1/2 tbsp olive oil + 2 scoops dry food.

This way, he’s still eating his food and you’re really not giving in, just making it more delicious and nutritious.

It could also be the nutritional value. Some foods are like cafeteria food and tastes bland and unhealthy. Dogs won’t eat it. My dog likes Natural Balance and other healthy dog foods. Make sure the dog is getting the right nutritional needs because many that claim they have great, healthy ingredients have very bad ones.

Michael asks…

what food should I serve at a birthday party Honest Question!?

Don’t think me to be silly but I am having a little party for my puppies they just turned one. I am only inviting a few people and their dogs. I need food ideas nothing extravagant something easy and fun.


Jimmy answers:

For dogs you will want to serve appropriate snacks found in pet shops. If you want to try by yourself some recipes: http://www.dog-birthday-parties.com/dog-party-treats.html has several dog-safe recipes.
For people, serve appetizers easy to pick up because they will be watching and chasing their dogs constantly so a sit-down meal is inconvenient and unnecessary.
-small sandwiches with fillings like hummus. You can buy frozen mini bagels at grocery stores, if want it easier. Another frozen snacks are chicken nuggets, serve with barbecue sauce, honey-mustard sauce or a fat free ranch dressing.
-wedges of apples arranged in a tray served with caramel or yogurt dip. Insert toothpicks in the wedges.
-platter with crackers, olives, slices of bread and deli meats cuts. (again use toothpicks).
-cookies are also welcome. Instead of a cake or cupcakes, you can have brownies. Purchase a brownie mix, frost them after baked and throw colorful sprinkles to get a festive touch.
For drinks, the usual, soda, juice, punch…

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