Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Sauce

Betty asks…

Who likes to cook food with a Phillipine cuisine-like?

I love food (except chocolate because of the allergies)espcially in the Philippines. But do you also can make a Italian cuisine with Philippine ingredients of adobo? Please tell us about it.

Jimmy answers:

I’m a little confuse with your question but I’ll try to answer it the best i can. I love Philippine cuisine i grew up eating it, and i also cook a lot of different cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Mexican etc. But it’s kinda hard to incorporate the same exact ingredients of Philippine style adobo into Italian cooking, adobo is a mixture of garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaves,and sometimes onions but if you just use the garlic onion and bay leaves and add tomato sauce and other seasonings add noodles and you can make spaghetti which is very different from Philippine spaghetti which is sweet and has hot dogs, so you can’t use the same exact ingredients in a different cuisine, you have to really change it up Philippine foods use things like soy sauce and vinegar in much of the cooking like in adobo, paksiw, sinigang etc, where as Italians use more of a tomato base like spaghetti, lasagna,etc.

Robert asks…

How do i stop my dog from eating everthing he sees?

my dog eats anything he sees on the floor, how do i stop that? i don’t want him to die one day from eating something off the floor like candy that might fall off my table, and he will eat things bigger this his head. does anyone know anything that might stop him from eating anything?

Jimmy answers:

Sometimes even applying painfully spicy sauces to food won’t work, for some reason there are always those dogs that think it just enhances the flavor.

There are 2 ways you can train your dog out of this. One is the simple “leave it” command. Begin with your dog leashed and toss a treat on the floor. Keep your foot near the treat, leaning to one side so you can cover it with your shoe if you need to. When your dog tries to eat it, say, “leave it!” and cover it if the stern command does not make your dog back off. You will have to practice this several times depending on how stubborn your dog is. When he seems to give up and sit down sadly, staring at the treat, say, “good boy!” and give him some food from your hand. Once he’s got this down, walk him across the room back and forth over the treat. Every time he tries to go for it, say, “leave it!” but don’t slow down, keep walking and if you need to, give him a gentle tug on the leash to remind him that it’s walking time, not eating time. Remember to reward him if he ignores the food on the floor properly. You can progress to an obstacle course style, with treats scattered in a room that he must ignore as you walk him through it on a leash. After that, try it without a leash. This will teach him that food on the floor is not for him. And the “leave it” command is uber-useful, i use it with my dogs to get them to leave food alone, stop bothering other dogs or pets, to not stick their noses into trashcans, etc…

A second way is what’s called “poison proofing.” this requires the supervision of a certified and experienced dog trainer because it utilizes an electrical training collar. The result of this type of training is that your dog will not eat any food that does not come from his own bowl. It’s useful for people with stalkers or anyone who might try to harm them or their dogs.

Thomas asks…

What will make me more profits a hot dog stand that can sell others stuff like Tacos or a booth at the flea?

What will make me more profits a hot dog stand that can sell others stuff like Tacos or a booth at the flea?
What will make me more profits a hot dog stand that can sell others stuff like Taco’s or a booth at the flea market that sells things like an adult bookstore sell The cart or booth will be in Miami Florida and the cart will sell hot dogs, taco, pork and chicken sandwiches.

Jimmy answers:

Well considering we’re in a recession, it might be smarter to go with food. After all, people always gotta eat. Adult bookstore stuff they can always find a pirated version. Make sure you find a way to make your stand unique–something your customers are going to remember. Don’t be afraid to adapt. Ask your potential market what kinds of foods/sauces/toppings they want.

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