Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Sauce

Susan asks…

I am looking to start operating a street food business. Any suggestions for which type of cuisine?

Clearly hot dogs and hamburgers are very common so I was thinking perhaps Indian or Oriental? It would operate during lunch and dinner in busier areas of London and I want it to cost 5 pounds or less per meal.
Wow. Thanks everyone for your quick replies. Greatly appreciate it.

Jimmy answers:

You will need to find a product which smells delicious when cooking, this will bring customers to your stall rather than your opposion.

Most specially if it is winter

Mainly depends on this.

If you have oppision selling curries, you will need to cook some chicken kababs with various flavours, i.e. Satay, plum sauce, garlic and chilli, etc, these are very portable and one can eat them on the run, you could also have a large rice cooker at the ready for combination take away foods in containers.

If you are talking about summer then you will need lots of salad products to compliment your dishes

Good luck

Mandy asks…

What are some foods with unexpected meat?

I am a vegetarian and I was wondering if there are any food items with meat that you wouldn’t think to have them? I know about marshmallows and Skittles but what else?

Jimmy answers:

Rice and vegetables may be cooked in chicken stock.
Soups may contain beef or chicken stock.
Wax made from animal products may be put on fruit.
Veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs may contain eggs.
Pudding and custard often contain eggs.
Gello often contains gelatin.
Potato salad may contain bacon or eggs.
Coleslaw and macaroni usually contains eggs (in the mayonnaise).
Baked beans often contain pork.
Green beans may contain bacon.
Flour tortillas, refried beans, biscuits and piecrust may contain lard.
Bean or split pea soups may contain ham or bacon.
Caesar salad dressing may contain anchovies.
Stir-fry vegetables may contain oyster sauce.
Sautéed vegetables may contain chicken stock or pork.
Cooked greens may contain salt pork in the South.
Spinach may contain eggs or bacon.
Baked goods, including cakes, cookies, pies and baked desserts, usually contain eggs.
Breads may contain eggs.
Quiche often contains eggs.

Mark asks…

What is some cheap food, high in calories?

I am poor at the moment, and I need some food that will last a while, taste OK but nothing special, high in calories but still somewhat healthy, and is mainly inexpensive. So for example, frozen pizzas are good, while ramen noodles are bad. Any thoughts?

Jimmy answers:

Eggs, tuna, peanut butter
store brand boxed mac & cheese
spaghetti or pasta; you can make you own sauce cheaply with canned tomatoes, fresh vegs, and a small amount of meat
hot dogs and some lunch meats (especially watch for store specials)
chicken legs and thighs (with bone) I frequently buy a whole chicken at 65 cents a pound; bake it and you will have several meals out of it
Food you prepare yourself is far cheaper and better for you than prepared foods you can buy. There are LOTS of recipes for tasty foods that cost like a quarter a serving if you do your own prep and shop carefully.

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