Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Sauce

Ruth asks…

What to do with leftover dog food mixed with sauce?

My dad always says to keep the food someplace covered until later for it to eat(sometimes it finishes and wants more or just leaves some left) but I was wondering if (the sauce gravy they you mix with water) I keep it out would it be bad cuz it dries up. Should I throw it away or just mix it with the other dog food in the bag?

Jimmy answers:

After a while it is growing bacteria when you leave it out.
If you feed her that, you risk her having GI upset, diarrhea and even gas that could turn into a deadly case of bloat.

You should figure out the proper amount to feed your dog, and cut back to that amount.
These sauces that get added are really unnecessary, and more of a hazard than anything good for her.
A good brand of kibble with some warm added should be enough if your dog is hungry.

For now, just throw out the dried up stuff.
It’s not worth the risk.

Chris asks…

How can i make my dog ear dog food again?

Every time we eat dinner, he climbs up on our laps and begs for human food. We try to make him eat his dog food but he doesn’t. The only time he would eat dog food is when we hand feed it to him but most of the time he wouldn’t. We try to hand feed him his hard food but he never takes it.

What can i do to make him eat his dog food again without hand feeding him?

Jimmy answers:

There is dog gravy that makes dry food wet, tasty, and slightly less hard. We occasionally put Iams Savory Sauce in our dog’s food. It comes in several flavors and is suppose to have nutrients and digestive aids. You can of course try different dry food or try wet food. You can make a game out of it by putting it in kongs, which would take a while to get them to eat enough, or possibly scattering the bits around. You could try making homemade food, there are tons of recipes, so you can either google it or search it on Y!A.

Carol asks…

How is The Effect of Scent on a Dog’s Behavior scientifically important?

I have to do the rationale for this experiment, but I’m not exactly sure why it matters. I am using orange slices, hot sauce, dog food (for the control), and carrots. Whichever bowl the dog seems attracted to is marked down. Help!

Jimmy answers:

Bro, isn’t this the point of the experiment?

You should’ve developed a hypothesis before embarking on this project. Perhaps you think sweet scents will make a dog more happy, this would be scientifically important for people raising dogs from abusive households.


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