Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Soy Sauce

Charles asks…

How do you get rid of a flea infestation?

We currently have a newborn in the house and we noticed the fleas are biting him a lot and would like to know the most safe way to get rid of them!
We no longer have any pets, for about 2-3 weeks now.

Jimmy answers:

Treat pets, home, and yard…..

Feline Flea Proofing
Add to the food for each adult cat:
1/2 level teaspoon brewer’s yeast
1/4 level teaspoon garlic powder

Flea Destroyer
Set up a plate of sudsy water with a light hovering over it. The fleas are attracted to this and drown themselves.

Flea Repellent (for cats)
1/8 teaspoon tamari soy sauce
1 crushed whole clove
1/8 teaspoon water
1 fresh garlic clove
Marinate the garlic in the liquid for about 10 minutes and then remove it.
Add 1/16 teaspoon soy liquid to each 1/2 cup cat food. Use this repellent immediately.

Flea Repellent Pillows
These pillows are for dogs.
Source: Glen Brook Farms Herbs and Such
2 parts pennyroyal
1 part thyme
1 part wormwood
Herbs may be cut or whole; construct a pillow for your pet to sleep on and then stuff it with the pennyroyal, thyme, wormwood. This makes a nice gift for those favorite dogs in your life. These herbs help to repel fleas naturally and without harsh chemicals.

Flea Repellent Sleep Pillows
For cats
2 parts sage or rosemary
1 part catnip
1 part chamomile
For dogs
2 parts pennyroyal
1 part thyme
1 part wormwood
Herbs may be used cut or whole. Mix enough to stuff a 2-foot square pillow for a cat or a 3-foot square (or larger) pillow for a dog. Sew the pillowcase out of a tough, washable fabric such as denim.

Herbal Flea Powder
Use herbs in powdered form only.
2 ounces pennyroyal (use sage or rosemary for cats)
1 ounce rosemary
1 ounce wormwood
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
Mix and store in a covered container. Use as often as any flea powder and rub into skin.

Herbal Flea Powder
1 part eucalyptus powder
1 part pennyroyal powder (use sage or rosemary for cats)
1 part fennel powder
1 part yellow dock powder
Combine all ingredients in a shaker top jar and shake to mix.
Apply to your pet’s fur by brushing backward with your hand or comb and sprinkling the powder into the roots of the hairs. Concentrate on the neck, back, and belly. Use just enough to add a little odor to the hairs.
For severe flea infestations, treat daily; otherwise, use two or three times a week.


Chris asks…

what are some cheap, easy and relatively healthy and delicious meals to cook when you live by yourself?

I’m a student, so I do not have too much time on my hands. :D Sometimes, when I come home I just wish I had some warm food on the table waiting for me… I never have enough time, so I need things that I can make quickly and put in the fridge to eat later. Any suggestions? :)

Jimmy answers:

FRIED EGG SANDWICH so delicious lol anything else with eggs would work well they are easy to cook and usually pretty cheap i think hard boiled eggs take a while to cook but they are nice to have in the fridge as a small snack also pastas like spaghetti are usually easy to make and last a long time in the fridge hamburgers and hot dogs are cheap and easy to make fast and pretty good umm i dont know if you have nachos in the UK but those are pretty good too just melt cheese over tortilla chips not sure if you can get those there though and i guess its not very healthy unless you put other stuff on as well i like peppers and beans another easy meal is any deli meat sandwich just put a thin slice of meat like ham or something and some cheese and condiments on bread no cooking required another is canned raviolis not sure if you can get those there but they are pretty cheap here in the US at least another great meal you can make is chili it takes a lot longer to make but you can make a ton of it at a time and it lasts a long time in the fridge tomato sandwiches are pretty good if you have fresh tomatoes on hand just put some slices on bread with mayonnaise salt and pepper even bacon if you have some cooked already also anything with potatoes as a main ingredient like mashed potatoes and peas or potato soup is usually pretty cheap that and cabbage if you like cabbage i know a lot of people dont but its super cheap cant think of much else right now one other thing thats nice to have in the fridge is cooked ground hamburger you can mix it with just about any other food to make it more interesting oh and one last thing if you like sweet and sour sauce theres this really good recipe i used to use you might need a stove for it to turn out right not sure but here it is anyway http://chinesefood.about.com/od/sauces/r/sweetandsour.htm i never had the brown sugar or soy sauce so i just used normal sugar and salt lol it was still pretty good though and you can put it on pretty much any chinese sort of food like broccoli or noodles or various chunked meats even goes great on meatballs which is actually the first thing i had it on anyway im out of ideas for now message me if you have any questions i know american food can be pretty different sometimes i dont really know what you guys eat often over there

ps good luck hope i helped

pps is that you in the picture you are really cute

Daniel asks…

Easy recipes with soy sauce and noodles?

All i have is some vegetables(Onions,garlic and vegetable oil),soy sauce(Dark),noodles,sardines and tuna and hot dogs.Is there any kind of asian food I can cook with these.

I also have rice and eggs thank you :)

Jimmy answers:

Cook some noodles and then stir fry some vegetables and the noodles in some soy sauce and oil i do it all the time when im broke and have no food. Scramble some eggs up and put them in the stir fry too.

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