Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Soy Sauce

Richard asks…

If you are a vegetarian, how do you maintain your energy and protein levels?

I tried the vegetarian method for awhile, but found my energy levels were really low, not to mention my thought processes were a bit out of whack. However, I DID lose weight, and want to try this again, but need some tips. Any suggestions?

Jimmy answers:

I’m a veggie(lacto-ovo) for over 22 years. At first it was difficult because it wasn’t a very popular diet back then and there wasn’t much in the way of options for protein alternatives for the main course in meals. It was tofu, tempah, or making our own veggie meatloaf or burgers.
Now the array of choices is amazing. With brands like Morningstar and Boca for the frozen burgers, chicken patties, bacon strips, sausages, corndogs, etc…found in just about any grocery store now, are basically what we use every day. For lunch”meats” for sandwiches, there’s frozen worthington chicken slices, ham slices or tofurkey slices(Turtle Island Foods) which can be kept in the fridge. Loma Linda and Worthington have some good canned products too. These are mainly found in the health food stores but are available online for lower prices. For BBQ’s I would recommend canned Big Franks (veggie hot dogs) or Choplets(Veggie Steaks). Add BBQ sauce or A1 and you’re good to go.
The best part of these alternatives is that they have the equivelance of protein and vitamins especially the B’s that are essential for a balanced daily diet that are found in meat.
Even our kids have been raised vegetarians and are healthy and are very content with all of the variety we can have. We drink and cook with the soymilk and we do eat cheeses, dressings, sour cream, yogurt,and eggs(unfertilized).
Nalley’s vegetarian chili has beans and textured soy protein combined. It’s one of our staples. Great for Chili Fries!
A super easy dip that’s packed with protein is hummus. I make one that’s a lazy way to make it but we love it. In a food processor of blender add 1 Pkg hidden valley ranch dip mix, 1-2 cans garbonzo beans drained, & add enough plain yogurt or sour cream to make it a dipping consistency and do a taste test. If it’s too salty add more yogurt or sour cream.It’s great with tortilla chips or Ruffles or as a sandwich spread.
Just balance your grains, nuts, legumes, green leafy veggies, and fruits and you should be fine. Try looking up a vegetarian food pyramid to get a better idea.
We take multivitamins with iron just to be sure we’re not lacking anything. Sorry such a long answer but wanted to think of all the different choices that are available now. Good luck!

Helen asks…

My son has G6PD and is not to consume soy sauce or anything w/ SOY. Please help me find an alternative to it.?

he’s not a vegetarian, actually i have 2 boys w/ G6PD – 3yr old & 3 mos old. they cannot eat anything with SOY in it. it’s one of the food/drinks to be avoided. im just having a hard time in looking for an alternative in using soy sauce in cooking. i tried fish sauce but it turned out too salty.

Jimmy answers:

I’d just skip the soy sauce, it’s only used as a flavoring in cooking anyway. Make sure to read all ingredients in any processed food you get for him. Many non vegetarian foods contain soy, even some all beef hot dogs.

Carol asks…

How can I prepare chicken that’s already freezer-burned?

I’m not much of a cook, so I need a fast and easy recipe that has lots of zest added to the taste. Do marinades do the trick? Can I boil it to add moisture?

Jimmy answers:

Don’t throw it out! You can resurrect it!

Try boiling the chicken for about an hour then serve with a warm sauce of chopped green onions, minced ginger, and olive oil – this is a traditional Chinese way of serving. You can also try soy or BBQ sauce at this point. Just remember to completely cover the chicken with water when boiling.

Save the water after boiling the chicken and it will make a great stock. I make my dog love me forever by pouring the stock over his food!

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