Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Soy Sauce

Betty asks…

Vegan foods to buy at the grocery store?

I am recently a vegan. i am a 13 year old girl. on wednesday me and my dad go to the grocery store to buy food for my family and me. me and my dad need some suggestions on what to buy. like i know of course veggies, grains, fruit etc. but please give me some specific examples? what do you suggest? if you are vegan or vegetarian what do you usually buy? thank you and I hope you enjoy your day.

Jimmy answers:

Be careful with soy or rice cheeses – a lot of them still have casein which is a milk protein.

If you check out “Daiya” online, it is an amazing new-ish vegan “cheese” that is available in Canada and US. They have a store locator online, so you can see if it is sold in your area.

I buy some “fake” meats to have once in awhile. I would recommend Yves brand meatless pepperoni and veggie dogs.

Rice milk for cereal and for baking.

Earth balance margarine.

For cereal you may have to get organic ones if you live in the US because I have noticed a lot of American cereals have Vitamin D3 added (this is from animal hair – D2 is the vegan version) whereas in Canada the same cereal has other vitamins but not Vitamin D.

Chickpeas and lentils are good for lots of recipes – you can check out Google for vegan recipes with those ingredients.

Whole grain pasta, whole grain couscous.

Nutritional yeast flakes are great for a cheesy taste – there are recipes online for sauces, and this is a necessary ingredient for tofu scrambles. I get them at my local bulk food store, and they are not too expensive at all. I even put them on cheese-less pizza – just sprinkle directly on the pizza.

Quinoa is a grain that is easy to cook and can be used in tons of recipes. You can check that out on Google too.

Laura asks…

How long will it take to lose weight?

I’m in 9th grade, 14 about 5’3 and weigh about 170. I hate my body and i just wanna lose weight. If I lost 30 I would be so happy. So how long would it take to lose weight and whats a normal weight for a big boned girl. And how do I lose weight motley in my stomach? And what should I do to lose weight. I was thinking maybe I should walk my dog for like an hour a day.

Jimmy answers:

Average for 5’3 is 115 pounds
But for big boned girl, I’d say about 125 pounds.
To achieve this you must cut out all unhealthy foods and bad drinks. Such as chocolates, sodas, milkshakes, muffins,icecream, fast foods (Mcdonalds, burger king, chinese food, KFC, etc), pizza, white breads, bagels, cakes, cereals, sugary treats, pies, pastries, french fries, burgers, cheese, red meats, thick sauces, thick dressings, fried foods, oily foods, candy, and all other sweets you know you shouldn’t eat.
Instead eat whole grains, nonfat dairy products, lean meats, vegetables, and fruits. Ex. Brown rice, whole grain pasta, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, non fat milk, soy milk, non fat yogurt, fish, chicken breast, turkey without skin, egg whites, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, bananas, apples, grapes, strawberies, peaches, plums, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc.
You have to do more than walking. Try jogging or hiking or swimming. Or taking up a sport. Or dancing. Someting with higher activity than walking.
Good luck;)

Ruth asks…

Want to be a vegetarian, where to start?

Want to be a vegetarian, then transition to vegan! How can I gradually take meat out of my diet?!

Jimmy answers:

Simply start by being consciously aware of other choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’d be surprised by how many meatless meals you eat every-day and how many easy alternatives you can make.


-Pancakes/french toast
-Eggs and hash browns
-Yogurt and granola
-English muffins with jam

-Mac and Cheese

-Meatless casseroles
-Rice and Beans
-Vegetable lasagna

Vegetarian products:
-Soy Burgers
-Soy Chicken Nuggets
-Soy Pepperoni
-Soy sandwich meat

*Soy products may initially sound gross, but you’d be surprised by how good they taste. For me, soy-dogs are equally good to the real thing!

An important thing to do is make a list of protein items you already like (peanut butter, nuts, seeds, protein filled veggies, etc). Try to incorporate these into your daily diet.

Next, find new ways to incorporate protein into your diet. For example, I like to crumple of tofu and mix it in with any cooked food I eat (pasta sauces, casseroles, and even pizza). Tofu is flavorless and soaks up the flavor of anything its cooked with. You can barely tell there is tofu in the food you cook it with (unless, of course, you add so much that you CAN tell it’s there).

As a new vegetarian I always recommend adding a supplement of protein. I, for example, drink Carnation Breakfast Essentials. It’s basically just a chocolate milk powder with several nutrients in it including protein. Every morning I pour a packet into my milk and drink it to help ensure I am getting in all my nutrients (You can buy them in the same section as the chocolate milk powder)

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