Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Soy Sauce

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know a natural cure for a female yeast infection?

I am tired of using monostat, because I feel that it has to be bad for me in some way, and I want a natural cure.

Jimmy answers:

You need to avoid all yeast and sugar products ……… Sugar will literally feed the yeast overgrowth allowing it to flourish……… Ditch the alcohol and sodas and diet sodas too if you drink any …..and pump up your intake of fresh filtered water to at least 2 – 3 litres per day ….. Antiobiotics, especially broad – spectrum antiobiotics will also kill the helpful bacteria which you need for a healthy gut …….. Supplement with a good quality probiotic to rebalance gut flora ……… Eat more alkaline forming foods such as leafy and green vegies, cold water fresh fishes such as tuna, salmon, sardines and whiting, organic nuts and seeds such as almonds and brazil nuts…….. All these foods are rich in magnesium and will thus encourage the production of hydrochloric acid in your tummy aiding in digestion and effective elimination …….. Eat organic brown rice and quinoa (prounounced keen ~ wah) as they are both a rich source of the B complex of vitamins and will provide you with the carbs you need for sustained energy and the quinoa is also rich in calcium and iron ………. Avoid sugars such as honey, molasses, fructose, maltose, lactose and fruit juices …… Avoid artificial sweetners and foods containing brewer’s yeast – ie – alcohol such as beer, wine, brandy, whiskey, rum, ciders and root beer…. Avoid baker’s yeast ie ~ breads and rolls and pastries …. Avoid mushrooms … Avoid fruits and vegies with any sign of mold growth on them …. Avoid fermented beverages and condiments including mayonnaise, ketchup, pickled vegies and pickles, salad dressings (use lemon and olive oil instead), soy sauce and vinegar …. Avoid all types of hard cheeses which are a pretty good source of mold…. Avoid processed and smoked meats and fish, including hot dogs, sausages, luncheon meats etc……. These meats are processed with sugar, spices, yeast and other preservatives …. Avoid canned bottled or frozen fruit and vegie juices cos they have loads of sugar and are commonly made from overripened or damaged produce; generally the skin of the fruit contains surface mold and rotten spots, which are pulverised into the juice… Avoid dried fruits…. Avoid coffee & tea as much as you can as caffeine will aggravate yeast overgrowth………………… You don’t need to use medications to kill a yeast overgrowth ….. Simply eliminate their food source and they will disappear on their own …… If you normalise the bacterial flora in the gastrointestinal tract you will feel much better and in most cases won’t need drugs ♥

hope this helps a bit

peace 2 u

Michael asks…

What are the basic ingredients every kitchen should have?

Jimmy answers:

For College guys:
Ramen(bought in cases @ 7 for a buck or less)
Spaghetti(2 for a buck)
Pound of ground beef for spaghetti
PB & J
Mac & Cheese
Pork & Beans( three for a buck!)
Chicken Hot Dogs for Beanie Weanie
Beer(about one half of food budget, more than that and you
should drink a cheaper brand)
Frozen Pizza– Freschetta is the best..
Hot Pockets
Various canned soup
Red Hot
Soy Sauce
Various frozen Dinners at a buck or less each.
Tortilla chips
Cheese for nachos
Eggs of an unknown date–too scary to use
Some kind of deli meat (can’t be identified)
Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream(for dates)
Frozen Burritoes (4 for $2)
Some vegetables that some girl got you to buy, but are now
molding and turning into mush..
Brown and serve sausages
Maple syrup
Unopened box of pancake mix(like you have the time)
Oh and cereal. Raisin bran so you get SOME damn fiber in
your diet.

All I can think of…

Sorry, no time to alphabetize…

Charles asks…

what kind of food do you eat in your cafeteria at school?

uhmmm i have to do some research………I have pizza,soy burgers,hot dogs,spagetti,and corn dogs.

p.s. that was just some examples.

Jimmy answers:

In Philippine schools, the cafeteria menu has: fried fish, beef in soy sauce, lemon juice and onions, chicken adobo, eggplant omelet, fried chicken, spaghetti, pancit, lumpia, chorizo or langonisa sausages, cured meats (tapa or tocino), BBQ pork on sticks, Chinese dumplings (siomai).

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