Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Storage

Nancy asks…

My dog is aggressive with food around other dogs?

i just got her a while ago and she absolutely loves my other dog who is about ten years old she sits there and will lick her on the face and feet and play with her and run circles around her. Of course the ten year old [heather] just thinks that the new dog is an annoying puppy. they were getting along great. every day i would make isabella ( the new dog) sit and wait while i gave heather her food then i gave isabella hers this works great. When they finish they just get up and lick each others bowls and go to sleep together. but i came home today and i was looking for this large container with food ( its a big food storage box and it is sealed) we have had it out for months now with no problems. so im outside in the pitch black trying to look for the food and i see the dogs run to this pitch black corner to get the food i light up the way with my phone light and i see them eating bits of food off the ground and an empty food storage bin then heather gets a bit too close and isabella corners her and grabs her by the neck and growls and shakes her around ( this dog is ten years old and has arthritis in one leg so you can understand why im worried) its dark and i cant see so i am yelling really loud and my step dad comes out side and separates them with a broom turns out she just grabbed the skin and didnt hurt her but it was the most aggressive i have ever seen her. this is not the first time either she used to growl at other dogs she saw when i was giving her a treat or growl at heather when she got to close to food but never this bad.Plus right after the fight they acted like nothing happened and they were getting a long fine. what are some good ways to get her to never do this again.

and btw i adopted this dog from a local shelter and the day before i adopted her they found her on the street tied up and she was skin and bones( if that helps)

im going to call the guy from the shelter tomorrow and tell him about what happened but its too late now to call him

Jimmy answers:

Some dogs that are adopted are like that just make sure you keep the dog in another room when you feed the other dog

Thomas asks…

Is it illegal to secretly feed someone else’s hungry dog?

I am a huge animal lover and while riding my bike the other day I noticed two junkyard dogs in a gated storage yard who looked very thin and underfed. So the next evening I threw dog food over the fence. They were so happy and started eating it fast. Tonight I had my husband drive back by so I could feed them again. He thought that I could get arrested if caught. Is this true? I know I could call animal control, but I just don’t know if they will do anything.

Jimmy answers:

It may not be legal but I don’t see anyone getting in trouble for it especially if you are trying to help the animals. If you were feeding them poison, that is a different story and surely you will get in trouble.

Even if someone tried to press charges, you could submit evidence of photos of very thin underfed animals. Law enforcers will surely see your love for animals and give you a warner and let you go. I would not worry about it but I would call and report to animal control.

John asks…

Who is to blame for worms in dry dog food?

I found what are apparently meal worms in my dog‘s dry dog food. I am completely disgusted! The vet says it is harmless to dogs thank God. My problem now is within the last 6 months I have changed both my brand of food and the store I buy it from. Now I’m wondering if I blame the dog food company and switch brands of food again (I was so happy with the food until this happened) or blame the food store for improper storage and buy the same brand from another store? Do I do both, do I do nothing? Where do you think the problem originated? By the way the food was Blue Buffalo chicken & brown rice.
I have already written the info on the bag down to report to the manufacturer, but all you can do when you call them is leave a message and hope they call you back. I would like them to know the problem and definately report the lot #. I have also called the food store and they said just to bring it in and they will give a refund. Also, the bag is brand new, I haven’t been storing it. I don’t know how long the store might have stored it but the expiration date is June of 2009 which makes me think it can’t be that old. Thanks for your responses!

Jimmy answers:

Well I would right a letter or check the bag to see if there is a phone number to call. Then I would either write them a letter or give them a call to tell them that you found worms in their dog food, and ask if you can get a refund for the bag of dog food. Then maybe they will also give you a coupon for another bag of dog food for free. Then you can buy another bag of dog food from another store, and see if it is the dog food company’s fault or if it was the store’s fault. You will be able to test this out for free. That is what I did when I bought a bag of diapers for my child. None of the tapes on the diapers would stick, and the whole bag was wasted trying to find a diaper that would stay on. Well I wrote them a letter of the problem, and they sent me enough vouchers to get diapers for free for an entire year. There diapers still sucked though, but at least I was able to get some of them to work out at their expense and not at mine. Oh yeah just to let you know the diapers I was using were name brand diapers and not cheap ones. The company has since then greatly improved the diapers. Believe it or not the diapers were Huggies.
Oh and even if it was the stores fault and not the dog food company they will still be glad to help you with either giving your money back or both also giving you a free bag. They will do this just to insure the costomer is happy, and they do not want to lose business. Word of mouth can crush a company.

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