Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Storage

Mary asks…

what is holistic dog food?

Jimmy answers:

Dried pellet dog food, called kibble, is made in two different ways: extruding and baking. During extruding, a mixture of raw materials is fed into an expander while pressurized steam or hot water is added. When removed from the pressure, the pellets puff like popcorn. The pellets are allowed to dry, then sprayed with vitamins, grease, or any other ingredients that are not heat-tolerant. The down side of extruding is that the fats added after cooking often turn rancid and the vitamins may be destroyed by heat during storage or shipping.

Dog treats are usually higher in grease or fats. These are usually designed to be held in a person’s hand without being messy, and are often designed in fanciful shapes and colors.

Sharon asks…

What do you store your dog food in ?

I don’t feel like it stays fresh enough in the bag and the bag doesn’t always stay closed good enough so I put it in a big plastic tub with a snap-on top. Do you store the food in something besides the bag ?

Jimmy answers:

They recommend that you store your food in the original bag! You can place the food in a storage container but keep it in the bag!

What is the best way to store Solid Gold pet food once it is opened?
We generally recommend placing the entire bag into an airthight container, without pouring it out. The container should be stored in a cool dry place. Pouring the food out exposes it to a rush of air and can increase the rate at which it will oxidize, decreasing the shelf-life. By leaving the food in the bag and then placing the bag into an airtight container, he bag becomes a barrier which then provides an extra layer of protection. Also this allows tracking of any issues or problems which may arise as the bag is being used because there is a batch number and expiration date which identifies that particular production run. The canned foods should be covered and stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 3-5 days.

Charles asks…

Where can I store dry dog food?

I bought a bag of dog food online and it is huge! I normally store the dogs food in an air tight container, but there is not enough room and this is a new food we are trying. Can I roll up the left over in the bag and put it in the fridge? I don’t want bugs (or anything else) getting into it.
It saddens me “Eugene C.” that you are a top contributor. Are you freaking kidding me? You are a jerk. And good lord, I pray you are not a vet! You are certainly not one I am going to. I am not asking a vet for food storage advice, I am asking other people (who I assumed were decent folks) for food storage advice. And enough food for a week? WRONG!! People would be driving to the store constantly. You sir, are ridiculous!
Several things. I have 3 dogs if that makes make believe vets feel better. I have a large container for dog food, but it contains their current dog food as I need to change the food over slowly as a pretend vet ought to know, you don’t just up and change a dogs food, so I can’t just pour the new food into the other container – obviously! I usually have enough food on hand for probably four weeks, with the new food being a larger bag, it will probably last 6 weeks I would guess.
I would like to thank those that came on here genuinely trying to help me. To others..aka fake vet, why even bother answering questions? You just came off looking like the massive jerk you must be in real life.
I did have a storage container under my bed, I scrubbed it out and will put the food in there. Thank you so much.

Jimmy answers:

You would want to keep it in a cool dry place or if possible maybe one of those large plastic storage containers with a lid.

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