Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Storage

Steven asks…

Do dogs hoard food in enclosed places?

I was cleaning out my basement bedroom where my dog usually chills out. I stay in my Winter Room when it’s winter time and now Spring is coming, I decided to clean my old room out. During the cleaning process, I was clearing one of my closets I found a mound of dog nibbles. I don’t know how it got there.
About 2 pounds of nibbles.

Jimmy answers:

Some dogs WILL do this its a variation on burying bones BUT there is also posiblility a rodent got into your dog food storage (rats & mice love dog food) as they will also stash…..

Michael asks…

Storing emergency dog food supply?

This question is for all those out there who understand the importance of having a two year supply of emergency food storage. I was wondering if I bought those Air tight Storage space bags and poured dry dog food in it and vaccumed out the air and stored a 2yrs supply worth of dog food do you think that would be a possible idea? Do you think it would preserve it for a long time? And how how do you think? Thanks
Ive always been taught that we should all have at least a two year food storage supply especially in these economic times. I cant believe how many ppl think this is crazy . Can anyone just help me to know how long it could possibly last if stored this way?
Yes I understand and we’re almost completely prepaired for any worst case senario of an emergency that might include our needing protection. Im sure most of you guys think I am just crazy but theres a very large percent of us out there who are becoming aware and “getting prepaired”. And I just want my dogs to have food incase of a long term emergency. I dont want this topic to turn into some kind of weird debate or anything. Just trying to find a way to feed my pets for a long time should the situation call for it.
THANK YOU E. H Amos! Finally someone who understands. Don’t know how to ask this without stirring up something so thank you for answering my question.

Jimmy answers:

Most plastic containers are not good for long term storage. Plastic does not stop gasses from both escaping and from getting in. Over the long term your dog food will go bad.

There are only two methods I can think of that would fit the bill. The first is to visit the Mormons web sites and find out where a cannery is in your area. You can put dry dog food in sealed #10 cans. The other method is to use canning jars. You have to make sure they are cleaned properly as mold will destroy your dog food. After cleaning them rinse them out with a bleach solution to kill any mold spores. This will take up a lot of room though when you are talking about a two year supply.

I store many things in mason jars including tobaccos for long term storage. Most dry goods do not have to be heat treated in the jars.

MOST can goods are still good for several years past the date on the cans. Hormel states that so long as their cans are kept in good condition their foods will keep almost forever but there will be a loss of taste and quality with each passing year.

I suggest you visit some survivalist websites as this question has no doubt been discussed on their forums many times and a better solution may be found there.

Helen asks…

ideal storage for dry dog food?

Hi, I like to buy my puppy’s food in large bags as its more cost effective and have decided to store it in the brown food waste bins that the council provided as the ones in the pet shop are a bit pricey. The food waste bin seems ideal as it holds about 10kg and has a lockable lid via a pull down handle. But i was wandering whether it is ok for freshness. The bag i have should last about 1.5 – 2 months and worry whether it will be ok for that long in this particular bin.
It’s not a rubbish (trash) bin as such. It doesnt just have a lid that shuts down. There is a handle that sits to the front which locks the lid and when you lift the handle over to the back, the lid becomes unlocked

Jimmy answers:

Trash bins are not air tight so the food will stale faster. I would suggest you pay more for an air tight container.

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