Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Storage

Nancy asks…

do you feed your dog fresh food at every meal or do you feed him/her leftovers if there are any?

and if you do feed your dog leftovers how many days do you offer it to him/her and does it get eaten?
Thanks in advance.
what I mean by leftovers is the leftovers from his/her food (whether it is canned or dry). If you do feed the leftovers to your dog..how many days do you offer it and does it get eaten.

Thanks for the interesting answers already.

Jimmy answers:

My dog is a great eater and not one to leave food!

However, there are some guidelines to follow if you are going to re-offer food not finished at the previous meal:

Wet food is only good for 1-2 days after it is opened, so unoffered portions should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Wet food that’s been offered but not consumed in a half hour can go back into the fridge (not mixed with unused food) and re-offered the next day–then it must be thrown out. It’s been allowed to reach room temperature, so it won’t stay safe for very long. If it’s been out longer than a half hour, throw it out-don’t re-offer it.

Dry food can be left out or re-offered for a few days, but don’t pour uneaten dry food back into the bag(or your storage container) as you will contaminate the food in the bag (or storage container). Once the food has been offered, it’s oxidizing, it has been licked or gotten saliva on it, etc–it’s beginning to break down. If the dog doesn’t eat it in 2 days, I’d throw it out.

James asks…

wafcol salmon and potato dog food?

What’s the verdict from the DS?

I don’t want answers about raw, i did feed raw but don’t have the same suppliers now, or storage space to pick-up heaps frozen and store it.

For 2 hard working dogs, and the only other things they get is rabbits they catch if i don’t want them, trout, and occasional scraps.

Also, what do you think about letting them try brown trout eggs? don’t even known if they will like them, but was thinking about it.
OH, and they get 3 chicken eggs a week also.
Number of rabbits should be increasing from one every few days, as the younger one recently realised what his job is and is finding his feet well.

Mentioned other things, only to help keep a balance in their diet.
OOPS, forgot link-


Cheers m8, I remember you mentioned it before,Just ordered a bag to see how they do on, think it should agree with them both better.
Expecting fishy breath, but can live with that so long as its what’s best for them.
Just went halves on one bag with my mum, but might try that one for minty after it’s finished.
Lots of Kibble makes basil sick, so its really up to how he does on it, ive caught minty eating cows afterbirth i think, and things i don’t even know what they are in fields, and he’s only ever been sick from something she gave him, think it was milk, grrr;)

Jimmy answers:

Its excellent.I use it for my dogs. Though i use this variety. It has that little bit extra i found.
Its mostly pork protein (Pork proteins are just about the finest thing you can give to a dog ) but there too its richness can cause vomiting. And the runs
To stop vomiting and the runs its best to introduce Wafcol over a week or better 10 days, mixing continually diminishing amounts of the dogs normal food mixed in with it so then the protein shock is also gradual.
Really only a working dog (that is currently working) or a racing dog wont get fat on it, most others will gain weight and surprisingly quickly also.
So be careful and concerning food its always better to work a dog thats slightly hungry for 2 reasons (1) A full belly will slow a dog down because simply the dog is heavier after feeding and the dog tends to suffer stomach cramps between runs during hunting.
(2) Slight hunger sharpens your dogs hunting instinct, Also you should try to keep his drinking to a minimum while working ,(mine drink when i drink while hunting} The dog should be given immediate food and water at the conclusion of the days hunting and plenty of praise even if he didnt catch too much.
The “trying” has to be praised, the want to please you by providing for you and his self.
The giving of his best is more than enough reason for you to make a fuss of him.
A gentle massage is also very beneficial for the dog but also i do mean GENTLE if you treat him too roughly his swollen muscles will bruise.. Gentle enough you will relax and decrease the amount of blood trapped within he muscle.therefore helping to relieve his aching muscles.
Hope my ctd answer helps you and your dogs


George asks…

can dry dog food go off if its been open for a while?

i was thinking of getting a big 15kg sack of dry dog food because it works out cheaper but i only have a shih tzu it would take him about 5/6 months to get through it if i put it in a food storage bin would it last for that lenght of time or would it just go off and be a waste of money.

Jimmy answers:

After cooking kibble is sprayed with fat and oil to make it “tasty” That fat and oil can go rancid if not used in a timely manner.

“Manufacturing process
Pellets of dry dog food, called kibble, are produced by one of two methods, extrusion and baking. During the extrusion process, cut dough or a mixture of raw materials is fed into an expander, while pressurized steam or hot water is added. When removed from the high pressure that results, the pellets puff up like popcorn. The resultant kibble is allowed to dry, then sprayed with vitamins, fats and oils, or any other ingredients that are not heat-tolerant.

If extruded kibble is exposed to air for too long or not properly stored, the fats and oils added after cooking can become rancid, and vitamins and minerals in the food may be destroyed by heat during storage or shipping.”

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