Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Storage

Robert asks…

Ok im getting a Chihuahua, what king of dog food and treats should i get?

i would lke your opinion on what food and treats is best. i the CHEAPEST lol im not exactly rolling in the dough is you know what i mean lol

Jimmy answers:

As far as treats go, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re appropriately sized for the dog. They shouldn’t make up more than 5-10% of the dog’s total diet.
For food, try Iams Mini Chunk. That’s what I feed my Chi. Try to stay away from Kibbles & Bits and other low-quality brands like it. They make dogs poop a lot more and make it smell a lot worse when they do.
If you’re strapped for can you could always just save about $5 a week up and buy a 20lb bag of a mid-range food (like Iams) for 20 once a month (or less if your Chi winds up being on the smaller side) for about $20. Just keep it in an airtight container (I keep mine in a Rubbermaid storage bin) and it’ll keep for a couple months. Chis only eat about 1/2-1 cup a day depending on size so 20 lbs will last you a while.

Just remember that this is a living creature’s diet and nutrition so you don’t want to skimp too much if you want to dog to remain healthy.

Susan asks…


Well I have done lots of pet food research over the past few Years. I used to feed my cats PURINA cat chow, then upgraded to PURINA one. Even though PURINA one still is a bad food, it was a temporary upgrade. I decided I’d buy blue buffalo right after finishing this bag.

So the other day I saw a moth in it and I was like WTF that’s weird. And I’ve noticed a bunch of cacoons AND I EVEN FOUND A WORM! They had to be in there before I bought it because I roll the bag up and clip it, and put the bag in an air tight pet storage container.

Has anyone else had this problem? I googled and seen others had this with their purina ONE cat and dog food. I ran to petco and picked up the blue buffalo today because I am not feeding my cats moths, cacoons and worms!
Its not supposed to expire until next year.

Jimmy answers:

Dog and cat food that contains a high amount of corn and wheat will often have moths. I believe they’re called flour moths. Some people have also found these moths in cat litter made from wheat or corn. They’re harmless, but a pain in the butt. Should not harm the cat (or dog) – they’re just insect protein – better than the corn and wheat in the food!
Blue Buffalo has no corn,soy or wheat – so this moth problem should not continue.
However, this food change is dramatic (from a vegetable protein diet to a meat based diet), and you should switch gradually. Add a little new food to the old over a period of two weeks – increasing the new food every day. You may still have a cat with an upset digestive system for a few days – this will diminish as his/her system becomes adjusted to the meat-based diet.
Congratulations on upgrading to a quality food with plenty of meat for your cat’s health and well being.

Laura asks…

Is Purina Beneful a good dog food?

My friend bought Purina Beneful for her new pup. Is it a good dog food?
(Dry food;not canned.)
I told my friend about the corn, wheat and by-products. Hopefully she’ll listen. And yeah, I feed my pup Royal Canin.

Jimmy answers:

It’s time to stop trusting the well being of your pet to just anyone who makes a pet food. If you are feeding commercially prepared pet foods, you need to listen closely.

Did you know that the FDA does not regulate the pet food industry?
Did you also know that most commercial pet foods are made from less than human quality ingredients.
Did you know that most pet foods bought in the store have been sitting around for as long as 18 months before you buy it?
Did you know that dogs and cats have the genetic potential to live 20 – 25 years but we are robbing those years from their lives with cheap pet foods.
Here are just a few of the procedures that we follow to provide your pet with a safe and nutritious product.

All the products are manufactured in a USDA facility.
All of our ingredients are individually inspected for human quality and carry the APHIS certification (a European standard for human quality ingredients)
Every vendor must supply an ‘assurance statement’ with each shipment. This statement must provide nutritional quality of ingredient provided AND must state it is free from any mold, bacteria, and so forth.
Dr. Jane has the ingredients tested AGAIN before manufacturing to make sure the quality is as stated AND it meets her standards
The product is tested 3 times during the manufacturing process – to again assure everything is ‘as it should be’.
The product is tested again after manufacturing and again when it arrives at the warehouse.
One bag of food is kept at the warehouse – from each batch – to test in case a Customer has a problem or concern with the product. Each ‘one bag’ from each batch is kept for 1 full year.
The products are shipped directly from HealthyPetNet’s warehouse to the Customer – no middleman warehousing (concerns of proper storage and pest control).
Can you say all of that about your current brand of pet food? Probably not. As I stated earlier, this is not a shameless attempt to capitalize on a tragedy, it is vital information that can save pets lives.

Don’t let your pet be another statistic. Please give our products a try today. Don’t wait! For your protection, we are not sold in stores, you must purchase online for fresh and safe home delivery http://www.HealthyPetFoodBiz.com

David Tantanella
National Field Representative


Our Pet Food formulator Dr. Jane Bicks has a weekly conference call to field questions from anyone, please listen in this Thursday. Dr. Jane Bicks has been a vet for over 30 years, she no longer has a clinic but has decided to formulate and develop a pet food that is good for pets in every way. On this conference call she will answer any questions you may have whether based on medical problems or whether our food will in fact be beneficial for your pet.

Conference Call:
8:30 – 9:30pm EST
563-843-7510 Pass code=626116#
Call between 8:25-8:30pm if you have a question for Dr. Jane, tell the moderator (usually Anne) you are a new customer
Note: Press ‘6’ on your phone to mute, press ‘6’ again to un-mute

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