Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Tomato Sauce

Donna asks…

My dog smells absolutely terrible, how can i fix this?

My dog rolled in some rotting food that she found outside and now smells absolutely foul. I gave her a bath using a combination of tomato sauce and shampoo. It didn’t work. Is there anything else that can take the smell out of her fur?

Jimmy answers:

As a groomer we use equal parts of Dawn, Peroxide, and Baking Soda. It is usually used for dogs that have been skunked but works well for really stinky dogs too. Make sure you leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Maria asks…

What should I do for my sixteenth birthday?

My parents aren’t willing to pay for anything extravagant, and I can’t think of anything that sounds fun!

Every year I do a lame slumber party and I’m getting sick of it! I wanted to go to a theme park but my parents said no. I’m thinking maybe inviting a bunch of people for a bonfire and a barbecue in my backyard but I need ideas for games and other activities. I don’t have a pool or a game room or anything like that. Ideas please! And some ideas for food would be helpful(:

Jimmy answers:

Hot potato – who can pass a ball around without being stuck with the ball when time is up.
Or a fun board/card game like Apples to Apples

Just grill some hamburguers or sausages (for hot dogs), and place on a table bowls filled with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, etc. Along with bottles of ketchup, mayo, mustard and bbq sauce.
Potato salad
Small pieces of corn on the cob
Serve some soda, sweet tea, lemonade or punches
I would choose ice-cream instead a cake. (but you can have the cake, of course.)
If you chose having a campfire don’t forget s’mores :) (the guests can roast their own marshmallows, so it can be a activity as well.)

Hope this helps.

Sandra asks…

What kind of food did the wealthy people of the renaissance eat?

Please help me out with this, it is for a school project. If you got the information from a site please post that URL because I have to include in-text citations. This would be a great help, thanks.

Jimmy answers:

I got this from another person’s answer on yahoo answers:

Assortment of olives and Italian cheeses might work. It would be easy for everyone to sample, too. The development of pasta was about this time as I found and copied off for you, on the net below…you could make one for everyone to have a taste. Do it Bolognese style…alternately layering cooked pasta with the cheese mixture and then add the meat sauce on top. Couple pizzas would be cool too.The margharita style was some of the earliest kinds. Thin tomato slices, olive oil and some basil, cheese. You can make in electric skillet…contact me for further infor and recipes.

From the net…
Early Stirrings
As the many districts of Italy grew and prospered, trade in Northern Italy flourished, and with it came a myriad of foodstuffs, including spices and other foods of the wealthy, such as rich cream, butter, eggs, and grains. (All the ingredients for fine pasta!) Pasta initially was a food for the wealthy because it contained so many costly items, and it originated in Northern Italy during the late medieval to early Renaissance. Also, for a time during history, Northern Italy was occupied by Austria or France, which added diversity to their cuisine. Gradually, pasta spread throughout Italy and beyond, but some of the most impressive pasta recipes began in Northern Italy, such as Lasagna Bolognese and other creations from the town of Bologna.

[edit]Renaissance Flowering
During the Renaissance the arts flowered, and so did Italian food. The center of this artistic movement was Florence, which lies in the Tuscany region that has become so popular today. In fact, the wealthy were extravagant, and one way they showed their wealth was to create ornate dishes and set their tables with fantastically rich and stunning stemware and serving ware. The de Medici family was one of the wealthiest in Florence, and in fact, one of the most influential families in all of Europe. When Catherine de Medici married King Henry II of France, she brought her love of fine cuisine with her, and helped establish the long tradition of French cuisine.

[edit]Southern Italian Food
Northern Italy enjoyed a robust economy and access to numerous trade routes, but Southern Italy did not. The area was rife with poverty, and this is where some of the most traditional Italian dishes originated. The people created masterpieces out of what ingredients they had available. It was here that pizza developed, in fact, pizza sellers on the streets were common in Southern towns, just like hot dog vendors are common in our big cities today. The dry pasta, spaghetti developed here, too. Dry pasta stores and travels easily, and it became a staple ingredient of dishes in the South, and later around Europe as Italians carried their homemade pasta with them as they traveled or immigrated.

Good Luck!

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