Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Tomato Sauce

Sandy asks…

What are some ways to lower the calorie content while cooking?

I try to eat healthy, and choose low fat foods. What are some easy ways to cut back on the calorie content?
Thank you!

Jimmy answers:

You can saute in broth instead of butter or oil. I usually use olive oil spray and about a teaspoon of actual olive oil.

Instead of serving on a bed of rice, make a bed of zucchini by grating it directly into a pan and heating it. It takes a very short amount of time, and needs no liquid or fat. Just keep stirring it. I use this under a saute of chicken, fresh mushroom and fresh tomatoes, cooked in a little white wine with garlic and onions. You can also use it with rice, cutting the calories way down. Same with spaghetti and spaghetti squash. Cut the squash in half, poke a couple holes in it, and steam it in the microwave or in water. Then scrape the pulp with a fork, it turns into strands like spaghetti. Mix it with spaghetti and slap the sauce on top. Don’t give it to children too young to eat hot dogs, grapes, raisins, because they can choke on it.

Make soup. Use chicken, vegetable or beef broth, whatever vegetables you like and some whole wheat pasta, then when the noodles are ready toss in a drained can of beans. Very low calorie, very high fiber. Cozy and filling on a cold winter day. We eat soup at least one evening a week, and I take it to work for lunch. I get this big huge of frozen vegetables at Walmart, called Normandy mix. I buy the broth at the dollar store. A couple boxes of broth, a few cups of frozen veggies, and some whole wheat shells, a can of white beans…dinner. It’s easy to adjust the kind of vegetables depending on how picky your eaters are. I have two absolute pills. They only eat zucchini (very nice in soup, kind of sweet) and yellow squash, carrots, corn, green beans and potatoes. One will also eat tomatoes and the other will eat red beets. These are adults! What a pain. Neither one will touch onions or mushrooms.

Tilapia. I saw a show on TBN that said this was the fish in the baskets for the sermon on the mount. Be that as it may, it’s really delish fish. Very mild, not terribly expensive and the frozen from Walmart is really good. I dredge it in Progresso Italian bread crumbs mixed with parmasean cheese. Then I saute it on a griddle spray with olive oil spray and about a teaspoon of olive oil. It only takes a few minutes on each side, then just before serving I squeeze lemon juice on it. Even non-fish fans will like this. It works very well with most kinds of filets, and also thin cut chicken breasts and tukey cutlets. My dad doesn’t like turkey, but he likes it this way.

Stir fry, saute, George Foreman grill, pan spray, lots of vegetables, whole wheat pasta, brown rice…those are the things I do. Olive oil is very good, and you need a lot less of that than you do margarine or butter. My mother always cooked in tomatoes, but don’t really like red sauce or tomato gravy.

I’m diabetic so I try not to kill myself when I cook.

Steven asks…

Is there a rivalry between New York and Chicago?

I’m researching this topic for a paper and specifically how this rivalry relates to food (Chicago vs. New York style pizza). If anyone can give me some additional information. How has Chicago tried to distinguish itself from New York? And why are they passionate about their Pizza?

Jimmy answers:

No, there is no rivalry. Chicago is far superior and Chicagoans would never lower themselves to New York’s level in order to “compete” with them.

Part of it comes from the fact that Chicago is a wonderful city, full of beaches and lakefront parks, and the largest collection of French Impressionist paintings in the world, and we feel there is a lack of respect for what our city has to offer.

Specifically to your question, Chicago pizza is deep dish. It is made in a pan with 2 inch sides, not a flat cookie sheet that someone has poked holes into. The crust is similar to focaccia, onto which you place your meat or spinach or whatnot, then cheese, then a very thick chunky tomato sauce. This is all baked. Some places put a second layer of dough between the cheese and tomatoes, making a Stuffed pizza. Chicago pizza is a meal in a slice, you cannot eat more than two slices in a sitting, and you will never be able to fold them in half to eat them.

Next thing you need to know about is hotdogs… These are all-beef Kosher dogs, with natural casings, topped with mustard, relish, sport peppers, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, a dill pickle, celery salt, and on a poppy-seed bun. NEVER put ketchup on a Chicago Dog. It’s unnecessary. These are sold in hotdog stands. Hot dog carts, which you may find in New York, are an abomination. Once again, one dog is a complete meal.

Lisa asks…

What are good foods to eat that doesnt have animal?

Im hungry but dont eat meat everthing contains animal.burgers,hot dogs,pizza,tacos,ect. i wanna eat something that i can cook and that taste great! And aint boring.thanks :D

Jimmy answers:

You can make all of those without animal ingredients! Just find substitutes for the burgers, pizza, hot dogs by replacing them with high quality veggie burgers, veggie dogs, pizzas without cheese but added stuff like tomato sauce, avocado, vegan pepperoni slices, etc!

You can even get vegetarian/vegan ground beef, buy taco shells, load them up with everything like Salsa/Fresh Tomato chunks/Avocado pieces/lettuce, and enjoy!

I hope this helps! Just give it a try!

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