Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Tomato Sauce

Donald asks…

What recipes can i make with sloppy joe sauce?

i have a can of sloppy joe sauce & i want to know, other than making sloppy joe’s, what other foods can i make with it.

Jimmy answers:

Stuffed peppers are good with manwhich, just use it instead of the canned tomato’s. It’s also good as a topping on hot dogs, add some beans and cheese and make a cheesy chili, you can throw it in lasagna or heat it up and add it to a salad with some nacho chips for a taco salad, you can mix it with (melted) cream cheese for a dip for taco chips and veggies, or even spaghetti topped with manwhich and some cheese is good, the options are endless just be creative and have fun with making something new! Good Luck!!!

Lizzie asks…

What are the acronyms for the sonic menu?

So I did the lame sonic training program, basically teaching about health, safety, etc.

But they didn’t teach me how to make any food! I am just standing there like a noob on the busiest night at the busiest time my first few hours working..
Since I obviously cant learn this stuff on the job I want to do some homework.

What are the list of abbreviations for the sonic menu? Even maybe how to prepare those particular items.

Jimmy answers:

If your in kitchen and your talking about the things that pop up on the screen to be made:
FF is french fry (if its a small it will be S FF, medium is just FF, and large is L FF, same goes for tots, chili cheese fries, etc)
TT is tater tot
FF CHZ is cheese fries
TT CHZ is cheese tots
CCFF is chili cheese fries
CCTT is chili cheese tots
ORING is onion ring
MOZZ STX is 5 cheese sticks
CHEDRPEP is 4 cheddar peppers
CHEDBITES is 12 cheddar bites
RHD is a plain 6 inch hot dog
L RHD is a plain footlong
CCDOG is chili cheese dog (chili and cheese, if it is L CCDOG its a footlong)
CHCGODOG is chicago dog(poppy seed bun, mustard, relish, onions, a pickle spear, 2 sport peppers, 2 tomato slices and celery salt)
NY DOG is new york dog(saurkraut, grilled onions, spicy mustard)
BAJA DOG is baja dog (pepper jack cheese, onions, jalapenos, and tomatoes)
STAD DOG is all american dog (relish, onions, ketchup and mustard)
MAYO HB is a sonic burger with mayo pickle onion lettuce tomato
KETCH HB sonic burger ketchup pickle onion lettuce tomato
MUST HB sonic burger mustard pickle onion lettuce tomato
(If the burger has cheese it will say for example MAYO CB)
MAYO SSCB supersonic burger(two meat patties and cheese slices) mayo pickle onion lettuce tomato
KETCH SSCB supersonic ketchup pickle onion lettuce tomato
MUST SSCB supersonic mustard pickle onion lettuce tomato
BCB SSCB bacon cheese burger super sonic, mayo pickle onion lettuce tomato, bacon
(NOTE: if a burger is “all the way” it will have mayo, ketch, must, pickle onion lettuce tomato and will look like this on the screen :
BCB TST- bacon cheese burger toaster, toast, hickory sauce, pickle onion lettuce tomato, cheese bacon onion ring
GRL CHIK- grilled chicken sandwich (wheat bun, mayo, lettuce tomato)
CRISP CHIK- crispy chicken sandwich (wheat bun, mayo, lettuce tomato)
JR DLX- junior deluxe burger (small meat patty, mayo pickle onion lettuce tomato)
JR DLX CB- same as above add cheese
JR SSCB- two small meat pattys and cheese slices, ketch must pickle
JR CHKSTRIP- jr chicken strip sandwich (2 chicken strips, bun, lettuce mayo)
GRL CHZ- grilled cheese sandwich (2 pieces of toast, 2 slices of cheese)
CC WRAP- tortilla, chili, cheese, frito chips)
SEC BUR- tortilla, sausage, egg, cheese
BEC BUR same as above, no sausage, bacon instead
HEC BUR same as above just ham as the meat
SEC TST- toast, sausage egg cheese
BEC TST- toast bacon egg cheese
HEC TST- toast ham egg cheese
SEC CROSS- crossaint saus egg cheese
BEC CROSS- same with bacon
HEC CROSS- same with ham
SSBKBUR- super sonic breakfast burrito, tortilla, sausage egg cheese onions tomato jalapenos and four tots
FRENCH TST- 4 french toast sticks
CRNDOG- one corndog
POPCRN- popcorn chicken
WP HB- kids meal burger small patty ketch must pickle (will come with side, if fries it will say K FF, etc)
WP HD- 6 inch hot dog, comes plain
WP CHIK- 2 chicken strips
WP CD- corndog
WP GRCHZ- grilled cheese sandwich

and of course
Y- mayo
K- ketch
M- must
P- pickle
O- onion
L- lettuce
T- tomato
H- hickory bbq

so if its a
it will have no onions, and so on

I think that about covers it, your store may have more than mine, or less and some different items, all sonics do but i hope i helped!

Mandy asks…

How to make my lawn green again?

I have a dog. He pees on a spot in the lawn and now that place has turned brown and all the grass died.

I’ve enquired and was told that it this is a normal thing. So, now that the grass has died, how can I save it – How to make the place green again?…

And once it has gotten green, how can I prevent the grass from dying even with the dog still peeing there?

Jimmy answers:

If you put a little tomato sauce or other tomato-based product on your dog’s food ( just a tablespoon or so) this is supposed to help neutralize their urine and help prevent to burn spots. My dog really loved tomato sauce so it was easy to get her to eat it. I also think a higher grade of dog food may help with this some. Most likely, the grass will eventually come back on it’s own, but you could just cut that piece out and put in a plug, or pull out the dead thatch and then reseed it.

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