Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food With Turkey

David asks…

Switching dogs food..?

Okay, so i have moved in with my bf and we are tying to switch his dogs over from Science Diet to Orijen. The lab eats 5 cups of science diet, and is quite chunky. The little dog eats about 2 cups and is also a little chunky. We tried mixing in 1/2 cup of orijen to 1 1/2 cup science diet for the little dog and he is doing fine but the Labrador with 1/2 cup to 4 cups of science diet is puking it up. She is allergic to gluten but there isnt any in orijen. Any tips?

Also, is a raw egg over the food okay?

Jimmy answers:

Raw egg is ok, and for a big dog, a couple times a week. Also, a little margerine a couple times a week.

I guess I don’t know what to tell you. I just switched foods, I mixed it, and the stupid dog would pick the old kibbles out and spit them on the floor and just eat the new food. I wound up having her finish the old food up, then went cold turkey to the new food. It worked–there was not one single problem except the first time she pooped it was a little dry.

Orijen is supposed to be good, so I don’t know what’s making the Lab puke. Maybe cut the Orijen back to smaller amounts mixed with the Science Diet. Too bad SD is over $2 a pound and loaded with corn. Many years ago, I had a small cockapoo on it, and her hair and eyes were beautiful. I had to switch her over when I got a lab, who ate 50# a month.

Mandy asks…

would wellness dog food be commercial dog food?

I was watching a video on youtube about commercial dog foods and how extremely bad they are, apparently they use meats such as euthanized dogs and cats, so i was wondering if wellness is a commercial dog food, because that’s what i feed my dog, i feed her Wellness Core

Jimmy answers:

Any dog food you purchase is technically “commercial” dog food; HOWEVER, the video was referring to what is also called “grocery” dog foods. Euthanized dogs and cats can be found in ingredients such as “meat meal”, “Meat and bone meal” “animal fat” or “Meat by-products”. Those ingredients come from rendering plants, and because they are not a named meat (like “turkey” or “beef”) they can include just about anything- which is where the euth. Animals can come in.

In fact, a study done several years ago found pentobarbital (the drug used for euthanasias) in several low quality dog foods that contained “Meat meal”.

Since Wellness only contains named meats like “de-boned turkey meal” and “chicken fat”, you know that those meats are ONLY chicken or ONLY turkey. No disgusting euthanized animals.

Wellness is a fantastic dog food, you are feeding one of the best out there. Not sure why a poster said they make better ones than CORE, if your dog is active and healthy CORE is a wonderful choice. If your dog is more of a couch potato, or elderly, you may want to switch to Wellness Super5Mix line since the protein levels are controlled lower.

Good job doing your homework! Rest assured that the “Commercial” dog foods the video meant, however, were junky brands like Purina, Ol’Roy, Iams, and Pedigree. Great brands like Wellness, Orijen, Halo, and Solid Gold, to name a few, are completely different.

Joseph asks…

ok i just got a maltese and i have been asking a bout what kind of dog food to feed her and everyone tells me?

to go to this website dog food analisis i went there and they do list like the 6 star dog food but which one is the best for my maltese! i just cant decide!! any helpers i really dont care abut price just as long as its good for her! and does anyone else have a maltese that knows it would help!!! tell me what kind to get and if it comes in puppy and lil breed! thank you!!!
this is my first time owning a dog so i want to get the best dog food and i dont except anyone to pick the dog food just want adivce on which one would be best for a maltese and if there is a puppy or a lil breed brand i should get that is all! im so new at this sorry for all the questions!

Jimmy answers:

ORIJEN is as good as dry dog food gets. Orijen has great meat content, with deboned chicken, chicken meal and turkey meal listed as the first three ingredients, and lots of other name meats and meat meals listed just a little further back. Carbohydrates — needed in a dog’s diet, most experts say — comes from high-quality sources such as russet potatoes. All ingredients are of very high quality, and meats and other proteins are certified as fit for human consumption by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (the company is based in Canada). The biggest negatives we’ve seen is that Orijen is harder to find than some other quality foods and that it’s relatively expensive.

INNOVA EVO DRY DOG FOOD (*est. $25 per 13.2-pound bag) is another high-quality food with high meat content, and is high in the same type carbs that are good for human comsumption, as well.
Among premium canned dog foods, Innova EVO gains recognition for its high meat content (95 percent) and quality ingredients. The food is designed to replicate what a dog might eat in the wild. Though many — but not all — experts swear by this and similar foods, such as Wellness 95% Chicken (*est. $2.16 per 13.2 ounce can), we’ve also seen reports that they can cause stomach upset, at least as first. Also, many say that premium dog foods such as Innova EVO are best suited as a supplement or for occasional feeding in conjunction with a top-quality dry food.

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE PET LOVER’S SOUL Dog Food (*est. $23 for an 18-pound bag) is a strong lower-priced alternative. It has less meat, but the ingredients are all regarded as excellent. Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul dog food doesn’t do too badly in that regard. More significantly, it’s free of low-quality fillers and by-products, and the majority of its carbohydrates come from better-quality sources, such as potatoes and whole grains. While more expensive than the very cheapest dog foods, it is price competitive with better foods sold in supermarkets and large pet food chains, such as Iams Healthy Naturals (*est. $24 per 17.5-pound bag), but rates considerably higher than most in terms of nutrition.

****MY CHOICE*** Experts say CANDIDE* ALL LIVE STAGES formulas are is among the better moderately priced canned dog foods. Ingredients are high quality, and there are no cheap fillers, by-products or chemical preservatives. Canidae can be fed as a sole food, though the manufacturer recommends a mix of 25 percent canned and 75 percent dry “to achieve a balanced diet and maintain firm stools.” The company’s dry food has come under some owner fire following a formulation change in the summer of 2008, but the canned foods are unchanged and still well regarded.

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