Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food With Turkey

James asks…

BARF dog food death?

I am very interest in this BARF (Biologally Approppriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw Food) diet for dogs… However, I am afraid that a dog might get bacteria poisioning or something, or choking on bones, or bones splintering their insides, even if it’s raw!

Can this happen? And if so, then is it likely to happen? Should I risk my dog‘s life just to feed him better food?
And isn’t it expensive?
And isn’t it expensive?

Jimmy answers:

I feed my dogs a BARF diet and I have not had any problems with bones splintering. I guess it can happen, but I know a lot of raw feed dogs, and I have never heard of it happening. Until you feel comfortable, you could feed only soft bones.

As for choking, yes it can happen too. If you dog is a gulper, try feeding him large cuts that he will be forced to chew. I have boxers and we started out on chicken quarters and turkey necks…. They had to chew them to eat them and they couldnt just swallow them.

Should you risk your dogs life to feed him better food is a difficult question to answer. I dont consider a barf diet particularly risky. I mean, there are choking and bacteria hazzards with kibble, too. My dogs love eating raw food and I love the benefits of it. They no longer have allergies, have nice teeth, no stinky breath, no doggie odor, super soft coats, poop much less, the rain washes the poop away, they are better behaved, etc…. Of course there is a risk, but I think the benefits outweigh them.

Cost can be equivalent to premium kibble. It depends on where you live, what is available in your area and how big your dog(s) is/are. I get my food from a coop. I spend about $35/mo on 70-80 lbs of meat for 2 boxers.

Ruth asks…

Is this a good dog food…….?

Eukanuba Naturally Wild..Turkey and Grain flavor.

I’m new to buying good dog foods. My dogs have been raised on brands like Alpo, Pedigree. They’ve never had any problems but I want to upgrade them now that I know just how crappy those foods are.

So any good things about this brand?


Jimmy answers:

Not horrible, but in the long run, ANY dry food is bad, even premium foods, and can lead to severe complications.

Dog’s, being carnivores, do not produce the enzymes that humans produce. Their pancreas is a lot smaller then ours. These enzymes are what helps them digest their food, but again, they don’t produce that many.

RAW foods contain natural enzymes, and these are what the dogs are designed to digest. When you cook food, ANY food, it destroys the enzymes, plus most other nutrients the food actually contains. Dogs find it extremely hard to digest cooked meats, and their livers and kidneys kick into overdrive trying to compensate. This can lead to kidney and liver damage in dogs.

All dog foods contain the proper nutrition for dogs. They have everything the dog technically needs to survive. HOWEVER, tests have never once been done on ANY dog food to see how well dogs can actually digest and process these nutrients. So, no one knows if dogs are actually getting these nutrients from dog food. Most tests done on dog food compared to dog health only run a year or so, and are done on younger, naturally healthier dogs.

On top of all that, it is estimated that millions of pounds of euthanized companion animals (like dogs and cats) are rendered and added to dog foods. There are no laws in the USA or Canada that prohibits the use of companion animals in pet food or livestock feed. All those foods that say “meat by-product” in the ingredients, you have no idea what kind of meat it truly is. When an animal is euthanized, those chemicals stay in the animal’s body, and can be digested when another animal eats the remains. No tests have been done to determine what temperatures kill these chemicals, so rendering may not reduce the risk for your pet. Therefore, when your pet eats Fido what was euthanized and put into the food, your pet could become very sick from the same chemicals that were purposefully used to kill Fido.

After doing extensive research, I find pet food VERY scary, and I refuse to feed it any more. I even did Raw vs. Kibble as a thesis paper for college. Raw is better, it’s actually digestible, and honestly, it’s a lot cheaper then good quality dog food. I can get chicken for 40 cents a pound.

If ANYONE wants to switch to RAW or has questions, feel free to email me.

Paul asks…

Cats Breed for Dog Food?

If I were to breed cats and then humanely slaughter to feed other animals such as ferrets and dogs would this be any more cruel than say feeding beef or lamb etc

Jimmy answers:

What is the differance in humanely killing cats for dog food than any other animal …… NONE. Keeping a cat as a pet, bearing in mind some people keep sheep, rabbits, chicken, turkey etc as pets, is no reason not to use them as food source. In some parts of the world cats are breed for food and who is to say if they are right or wrong. In india cows are sacred yet we eat them so why not cats for dog meat

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